Monday, November 29, 2004


Well today I've taken the dive again. I even joined the BFL challenge - offically.

The goal - see what changes I can make by the end of the year. I know five weeks are going to see me being a BFL finalist, but I figure it can at least get a jump start on any New Year Resolutions.

Offical starting weight is 202.5

I don't have measurements yet, but I'm sure I won't like them.

Goals - same as always - lose as much as I can. But more importantly FINISH. Stick too it. Honor self promices. That's more important to me then anything else right now.

So I start the whole thing with a challenge. I'm going to dinner tonight. Chinese food. The plan? See if I can find the menu online and plan what I'm going to order before I get there.

The other option is to have a few free meals during the week but no free day.

of course that's complicated by a vacation at the end of this week, and several days in Disney Land. sheesh!

Life's full of complications though. I just need to learn to live with them.

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