Friday, September 29, 2017

It's ok. Nothing sucks though weight is stubborn ;-/

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Not motivated

Been struggling with motivation since last week. But, I'm still doing it. Maybe not as vigorously as I was before... but still doing it.  

Waiting for the scale to show my persistence. Thinking maybe I can see some more change in my face, but not anywhere else. Trying to be patient!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Is it really 30 lbs?!

My scale this morning says I'm down 30 lbs (263.1). I'm having a hard time believing it so I'll wait for tomorrow to be sure before celebrating.
Managed to get up early today to get my workout in. I had construction guys coming by at 8 so I had to get going so I could be home before they arrived. I made it and feel fantastic! Today is the start of week five and the first day that I'm going up in weights. I spent the last four weeks just getting used to lifting again. My muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints had to get prepared. That's done so now we WORK! I LOVE lifting heavy. Then a quick swim after and I'm done and feeling accomplished for the day!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hey blogger!  Guess what!? I haven't been updating as much but I'm still on track and still losing weight.  things are going fabulous!

I'm down to 267!! so close to 30 down.  soon soon!

15 days into Sept and it's looking good..

a few less than perfect days (but not a complete meltdown) and 1 (out of 2 that day) missed workout.  And I'm starting really see the weight dropping - in my face and in other parts of my body too.

I've lost an inch in bust & waist and 2 in my hips so I'm happy with's to even more progress in the next 16 days.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Pain pain go away!

After a great day yesterday I woke up this morning and was bummed to discover I could only hobble across the room.  Seems my foot pain/planter fasciitis in my left foot is back. I've gone over a month without pain was really starting to think I had beat this thing! But no.  I don't know if it was pushing it when running on the treadmill yesterday, or just wearing the wrong shoes to chorus last night but it's back.  A part of me wants to throw a tantrum or pout or yell and shake my fists, but none of those will help.

So, it's back to stretching, and icing, Advil, wrapping and babying my foot until it can get stronger... I'm not sure what that means for my workouts just yet.  I have a bike and a run on my calendar for tomorrow.  Perhaps I'll go easy today and see how I feel in the morning.  Wrapping my foot it tape is always an option and one that I used to use all the time back when I was recovering from the PF pain in 2003 (and still running).

Weight is now decidedly in the 260's (269.5) and that has me super happy.  I feel like things are surely moving in the right direction now.  We've got a rum festival to go to tonight.   I'm planning on drinking - but I'm going to avoid all the sugary mixed drinks and stick to the straight rum. AND I'm going to remember to eat before I go so that 1) I don't get knocked on my butt by the booze and 2) so I don't eat crap food while I'm there.

workout today is done

  • Barbell Deadlift
    • 80 lb x 5 reps
    • 95 lb x 5 reps
    • 115 lb x 3 reps
    • 125 lb x 5 reps
    • 145 lb x 5 reps
    • 155 lb x 9 reps
  • Pendlay Row
    • 75 lb x 10 reps
    • 75 lb x 10 reps
    • 75 lb x 10 reps
  • Lat Pulldown
    • 100 lb x 10 reps
    • 100 lb x 10 reps
    • 100 lb x 10 reps
  • Romanian Deadlift
    • 95 lb x 10 reps
    • 95 lb x 10 reps
    • 95 lb x 10 reps
  • Swimming
    • 00:01:14 | 50 yd | 115 BPM | freestyle  (Warm up)
    • 00:04:40 | 200 yd | 143 BPM | freestyle (Workout)
    • 00:02:48 | 100 yd | 135 BPM | freestyle (Cool Down)

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Is it Thursday already!?

It felt so good to be back in the gym today! Yesterday was my rest day and MAN did it feel good.  I had so much energy.  I almost felt guilty for not doing SOMETHING.  But, my brain and my body needed the break.

The real challenge came later in the day when someone brought gourmet cupcakes into the office. The pig brain/feast beast/Addictive voice whatever you want to call it started whispering... "You could have one.  Maybe the bump in calories and carbs would make you lose weight..." but I answered back.."It would never be just one..."  Then I focused on the fact that I wasn't even THINKING about eating until they brought in the sweets, and that I wasn't hungry, and that I've had cupcakes before and It's not like this isn't some food I've never tasted - and they never taste as good as I think they are going to and if I've gained tomorrow I'll certainly regret it... and then I grabbed a bag of almonds and a water and ignored the cupcakes.  AND THEN later in the day someone made popcorn!  The smell was just amazing and I felt like I was gaining weight just sitting there breathing the air... BUT I don't really like popcorn. I hate the way it sticks in my teeth and it always gives me a tummy ache after eating it.  So I passed that by as well. #noregrets

I wore my new sports bra to the gym today - it totally made me smile!

Even better was that after I was dressed I felt.. skinniner!  It feels like I'm betting my waist back!  (not from the side just yet, but from the front at least!

Workout today..

  • Barbell Bench Press
    • 55 lb x 10 reps
    • 70 lb x 5 reps
    • 85 lb x 5 reps
    • 90 lb x 5 reps
    • 105 lb x 5 reps
    • 125 lb x 5 reps
  • Dips - Chest Version
    • 10 reps | assisted | 190 lb
    • 7 reps | assisted | 190 lb
    • 8 reps | assisted | 190 lb
  • Dumbbell Flyes
    • 15 lb x 10 reps
    • 15 lb x 10 reps
    • 15 lb x 10 reps
  • Triceps Pushdown
    • 50 lb x 10 reps
    • 50 lb x 10 reps
    • 50 lb x 10 reps
  • Cable Crunch
    • 100 lb x 10 reps
    • 100 lb x 12 reps
    • 100 lb x 12 reps
  • Running (treadmill)
    • 00:46:28 | 2.5 mi | 0.5 %
  • Dead Hang
    • 00:00:15 (PR)

Running is getting easier and easier (I run one minute and walk 1 minute) and I actually added a few extra minutes today just so I could hit 2.5 miles - it's exciting to be working out and getting better and stronger!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Labor Day Weekend - the wrap-up

Saturday - I did my workouts... ate on plan and all was good
Sunday - I did my workouts - ate on plan and all was good
Monday -  did my workouts -- and than all hell broke loose

actually, it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't good either.  right after I got done working out I had some friends come over, and one of them brought a huge jug of Mojitos.  And I decided to have one.. then another and another and .... I didn't eat

So my carb starved body sucked it up.. big time!  I got a little, well, drunk.  I finally drank a bunch of water and ate a brockwurst right before bedtime, but it wasn't pretty.

I woke up this AM feeling shaky.  I knew things we're especially right.  Going on a booze fast isn't really a great thing to do.  BUT... I weighed in and the scale said 269... what!?  I tried again, still 269.  Scale thinks I lost 4 lbs overnight.  I'm thinking I was probably just dehydrated, but we'll know for sure tomorrow.

I took my pre-workout and talked myself into going to the gym.  "Just do one exercise" I told myself.  And I did!  and then another and another, until they were all done!

I got home and put on my running shoes.  "Just walk the whole thing" I told myself.  But when my watch said it was time to run. I ran.  And... it wasn't a struggle.  Yes, I felt shaky and I knew I wasn't running on clean fuel, but I felt, lighter and stronger and... it was strange.

Food has been good and clean all day today.  Right on plan.  Tomorrow is my rest day and strangely I feel like I don't even need it!  But I'll take it and enjoy it and look for more weight loss to come!