Thursday, October 23, 2014

Start of Day 3

Ok, so maybe trying to blog every meal might be a little much - so I'll give you the dinner/breakfast rundown in one post.

Dinner last night was "Chicken Tenders with Red Pepper Sauce, Veggie Mix, Brussel Sprouts"

I took a chance on this one given my dislike of bell peppers and... wasn't too disappointing.  The Chicken Tenders were just diced up chicken breast - nice and tender.  The Veggie Mix was zucchini and yellow bell peppers - my only compliment there was that the bell peppers were really large so easy to remove.  When I have this again I'll pull the bell peppers out of it before I cook it.  The pepper sauce wasn't bad.  It wasn't too overwhelming - though there was a strong bell pepper taste to it.  It might be better if (as I said before) I took the large bell peppers out before cooking it.  And the Brussels Sprouts were... Brussels sprouts and really yummy as usual.  The only real bummer was that the combo of bell pepper and zucchini (where were laid under the chicken) added a LOT of water to the disk.  Again, a little rearranging before cooking might solve that too.  It was a good dish and I'll eat it again when it comes up in the rotation.

This AM breakfast was "Scrambled Eggs, Canadian Bacon, Spinach, Cauliflower"  It was great!  Very tasty, very filling!  My only 'points off' are that the spinach was mixed with cream cheese which was a little odd.  It wasn't bad, just a little rich (even for me) and it took me a while to get it all down.  Personally I could have done without the cream cheese - but then I like veggies - even spinach.

So, so far diets to go you are 5 for 5 on your meals - and I am a REALLY picky eater so that's saying a lot!

As for the rest of my progress...

Haven't put a workout plan in place yet.  I was so tired yesterday (minor crab flue perhaps) that it was all I could do just to stay awake at work.  Feeling pretty good today so maybe by this weekend I can start to put some light workout goals into effect.  I know I'm going to have to wait 2-4 weeks to be 100% Ketone adapted and start to really put the workouts in high gear.

As for progress... well I had been hovering around the 255 range for a while in Sept, beginning of Oct so that's why I was doubly upset that I had sprung up to 260.  As of today I'm 253.86 - I count that REAL progress and it makes me feel better about hitting some of my other goals.  249 by Mid Nov seems easy at this point!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 2:Meal 2

I'm back!

Today's lunch was a beef casserole.  I was expecting not to like this cause it "looked yucky"  (yes I'm a 2 year old at heart when it comes to food)  but I told my self to "Just try one bite".

Hey Mikey!  She likes it!

The sause was a little tangy but not overly so (I can't stand the taste of mayo and was afraid it would taste like that)  The onion's mushrooms and bellpeppers were easy to pick out and the meat was flavorful and tender.  And asparagus - I love asparagus so that was a non issue.  Didn't even feel this one needed butter.

Day one:Meal one and Day Two:Meal one

I only got to have one meal on day one.  That's because I couldn't pick up my delivery till 5 o'clock. So, my diet started with dinner oddly enough. But I did watch/manage all my meals yesterday and had a great on plan day.

So, my first meal was Chicken Roma; Chicken breast stuffed with what I believe was an artichoke and cream cheese mixture, side of cauliflower and some green beans made a complete meal.

To prepare my dinner all I had to do was take it out of the fridge, peel off the plastic film, throw it in the oven for 15 minutes. I added a little butter and some salt-and-pepper to my veggies just to make sure that they had plenty of flavor but that was it. Then I sat down and NOMed. It was really fantastic and it's certainly something that I can eat regularly and not feel the deprived.

This morning was my first breakfast. This is of some concern because pre-made breakfasts that include eggs can sometimes be really really really bad. To my surprise this wasn't! Breakfast was an egg omelet with cheese with a side of bacon and spinach!

Again, I just reheated everything inside the oven. You can't cook these things in the microwave but, we don't know the microwave! So I'm left re-heating things the long way.

I think the only thing I would do differently is, like with dinner last night, I should've added a little butter and a little salt a pepper.  Just because cooking in the oven tends to dry things out a bit in the better would add back in a little moisture. But, otherwise everything was fantastic.  This also came with a little side of salsa but since I don't eat salsa I skipped that part. I was really glad that the salsa was packed separately.  That way I didn't have to try and pick through my breakfast for stuff that I actually liked. Hopefully they continue doing this because (and this is my main problem with premade meals) I don't like onions or tomatoes!

I've already noticed some of the meals have bell peppers and I don't like bell peppers either.   But those are normally easy enough to pick out. There were some in the chicken Roma last night and I was able to pick them out easily and there wasn't an overwhelming taste of bell peppers.

I'll update you again once I have lunch today.  I have beef casserole and I'm excited to see how that turns out.

Oh! And I'm already down to 257! Glad to see my body hasn't decided to start this thing out stubborn 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014



Things didn't go as planned - lost focus, lost interest and didn't lose any weight.

Things have gotten worse actually - 260 lbs.  WTF!?  I'm officially double my goal weight right now.

But I can't think about that too much or I get so depressed I want to either curl up in bed and never leave it again, or eat.  or both.

But - there is hope...

I've been toying with a few ideas.  Dipping my toe into lifestyle/eating plans.  Moving a little more and hating myself a little less - and those are all good, positive steps.  And, for the first time in a long time I kind of feel "Ready".  Not just, "I have to do this now..." kind of ready, but that little kernel of excitement ready.   That flicker of "this might just work" instead of "This better work".

It's hard to explain the difference but I'm liking the direction things are taking.  My direction - well it's still headed in the direction I've been walking for a few years now.  I want to lean my diet more toward the paleo/primal lifestyle.  I feel best when I'm avoiding the grains and processed crap.  I also (always) feel better when I'm in at least mild ketosis.  I think I'm just built that way.   There's no doubt in my mind that I'm metabolically compromised and I would not in the least be surprised if I was also  insulin resistant.  There's no doubt in my mind that if I continue on the path I'm on I will be a very sick woman in 5 to 10 years.  I want to do something now!!

And so I have.

At 5PM tonight I pick up my first meals in my new Diet to Go plan.  It's low carb and paleo-ish (gluten/grain free some dairy and not necessarily grass fed - but one does what one can).  I did this plan once before, but I had to do the frozen plan.  And though the food was good, the texture was OFF on some things and I believe I only lasted a few months.   I DID loose weight and frankly the program was super simple - I need simple.

The difference this time is that I'm able to do the Fresh plan.  I'll pick up fresh food twice a week from a local store.  I'll only have a few days (instead of a whole weeks) worth of food to store and none of it is frozen.  I can add stuff to it (like extra veg, protein or fat) if I feel I need it, but all my 'big' meals are taken care of - Breakfast Lunch and Dinner... done, done and done.  And even better all the meals are already loaded into My Fitness Pal so tracking and figuring out how much snacking I can do in a day will be really easy.

In fact, I already pre-loaded all my meals for the next week into the app so all I'll have to do is add any snacks I eat.

For exercise... well traffic has decided some of that for me.  I now get up at 6:30AM so I can leave by 7:30 and be to work by 9:30.  If I get up and leave the house at 6:30 (only getting up a few minutes earlier) I can workout near my house and avoid much of the traffic while still getting to work by 9:30!  I think to make this part easier I need to 'pre-package' my workout clothes and work clothes for the week so that all I have to do is 'pop' them into my bag and run out the door.  Too many times what keeps me from going (excuses excuses) is not setting out my clothes the night before and not having time to do it in the morning.  So a 30 minute (or less) exercise on the weekend would have all that part taken care of - I just walk out the door.  Just like with the food.

And the goal?  Well the first goal is to get below 250 in four weeks.  Sounds aggressive I know but it's actually just 4% in 4 weeks.  I can do that, and I'll win some money if I do!  win/win

What have I got coming up that could be an issue?

Halloween party this weekend
Halloween next weekend

Then it's smooth sailing for the rest of those four weeks.  If I can find a way to manage those two things without derailing and without my wild child feeling deprived and rebelling, I'll have it made.


Monday, September 8, 2014

21DSD Day 6

I missed blogging a day or two -- OOPS!

Day 4 was great - food was right on plan.  But, I was battling cravings more then the other days.
Day 5 started good, but then I made some food for a friend's Birthday party and indulged... Had sugar, had wheat and drank alcohol!
Day 6  This is the day that made me proud.  Rather then telling myself  'oh well' after jumping off the plan, I jumped right back in and had a picture perfect day.  I even did my 1.75 mile walk - part of my training plan and actually stretched it to 3.24 miles.

Not much else to say..

weigh in today was 251.99


  • 1.87 this week
  • 1.87 during the detox
  • 5.62 since August 24th
I've got a long ways to go, but the patients to get there! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

21DSD day 3

Day three done

Weight down .5 total .9
Sugar 0
Gluten 0
Booze 0

It wasn't as easy as the other days. Walked through Walgreens and stared down all the Halloween candy. That was a little rough but I tried not to think about it. Pretty much just managed my hunger and ignores my mild cravings throughout the day. Nothing too exciting - I'll take that. 

I'm feeling very restless and struggling with some instant gratification. So I played with my hair a little bit. I was hoping for a cut vintage look but ended up with just curly. Guess I need to keep trying though it's distracting me from food at least. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

21DSD Day 2 Level 1

So I promised myself I would blog every day during this 21 days. And here I am.

Weight:  Down .4 Total -.4
Sugar: 0
Gluten: 0
Booze: 0

Feeling pretty good today. A little bit of a headache but I think it's more from lack of sleep then any diet changes.  Couldn't fall asleep then couldn't stay asleep most of the night last night.  That's not unusual for me when I make a diet change and certainly not unusual when I get a visit from Aunt Flo... and she decided to visit today.

Food was on plan - no gluten, no sugar.  Had lunch 'out' today luckily I found it fairly easy to stay on plan because we ate at a taco truck - corn tortillas plus some chopped steak topped with a little cilantro.  Breakfast was my standard eggs + cheese and dinner was some fried sweet potatoes and sausage.  I snacked on cashews at work and a few dill pickles when I got home.  All in all a good day.

I didn't have any 'real' cravings, but the minute I got in the car to drive home I started thinking about getting a cheese quesadilla from taco bell on my way home.  I don't know why.  I couldn't associate it with a particular feeling or thought except, "I'm going home, I get a quesadilla now." So I'm going to assume it's just a habit I've created that I need to break by just saying "No"

Tomorrow I'm starting a run/walk plan to get ready for a 5K in December - we'll see if my knees are going to hold up to that.  Next week I MIGHT try going to the gym in the morning.  More to avoid the morning traffic then anything else.  But I'm not making any promises just yet.

Aaaaad 2/21 complete