2012 Races

"A" or Focus Races

06/03/12See Jane Run 1/2 MarathonRun13.1 M3:14:37
07/29/12California International TriOlympic TriSwim:1.5K/Bike:40K/Run10K4:18:58
08/25/12TBF - HITHalf Iron TriSwim:1.2M/Bike:56M/Run:13.1M
09/23/12Central Valley TriOlympic TriSwim:1.5K/Bike:40K/Run10K

"B" or Fun Races

04/14/12Shortest Triathlon EverUltra-Sprint TriSwim:100Y/Bike:2.5M/Run:2.1M0:46:32
04/29/12Chico Wildflower CenturyBikeFlat Flower: 30MN/A
06/16/12Tri for Fun #1 - PleasantonSprint TriSwim:400Y/Bike:11M/Run:3.1M1:38:00
07/04/12Alameda R.A.C.E.Run5K (3.1 Miles)0:39:21
07/07/12Tri for Fun #2 - RanchoSprint TriSwim:.5M/Bike16M/Run:3M2:19:18
07/15/12Skyland Mountain RunRun10K (6.2 Miles)1:21.35
07/21/12Tri for Fun #2 - PleasantonSprint TriSwim:400Y/Bike:11M/Run:3.1MDNS*
08/02/12Norcal Open Water SwimSwim1 Mile0:40:04
08/04/12Tri for Fun #3 - RanchoSprint TriSwim:.5M/Bike16M/Run:3M2:11:06
08/05/12Tour de PeninsulaBike56 MilesN/A
08/18/12Tri for Fun #3 - PleasantonSprint TriSwim:400Y/Bike:11M/Run:3.1M1:37:00
09/02/12Compovida GranfondoBikeGronfondo - 100M
09/09/12TBF Super SprintSuper Sprint TriSwim:400Y/Bike:8M/Run:2M
09/16/12Tri for Real - PleasantonSprint TriSwim:700Y/Bike:19M/Run:4M
09/30/12Bridge to Bridge Run10K (6.2 Miles)
10/14/12San Diego SharkfestSwim1 Mile
10/20/12Du The BearsSprint DuRun:2.2M/Bike:18.7M/Run:2M
11/4/12 Salmon Duathlon Sprint Du Run:5K/Bike:30K/Run:2.5K

*My mother and sister came to visit so I skipped the race to spend time with them.

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