Friday, June 30, 2006

Reaching for the sun

Reaching for the sun
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"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision
just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world."

*Joel A. Barker {American Businessman, Consultant & Author}

Just a quick update before the long weekend.

Everything is going just GREAT!! Hit a record on the straight legged dead lift last night - that was fun!

After legs I went and ran/walked for 30 minutes and after that swam for 30 minutes! Talk about a day! I'm still seeing results/changes DAILY. I'm driving myself to be BELOW 190 by the end of the LOOOONG weekend. I see a lot of excercise in my future :)

so... body fat is down from 51% to 45% and weight - as of this morning? 191.5

I'm wearing one of my 'skinny' suits. Tight short - black with white pinstripes and I'm getting a LOT of compliments. Fun!

Two more weeks 'til progress pictures! ;)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A trip down Memory Lane

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Some of you might remember that back on 3/13/06 I announced...

As of today I'm 207.7!

What frustrations flowed that day!

since then

I've had my ups and downs

on 4/17 I joined leanness lifestyle

I acknowledged my adiction on 5/10, found this website Taming Your Feast Beast

and made my declairation.

5/26 I Hired David as a transformation coach

and joined bootcamp

And now?

well today.... Today I'm 192.7 Exactly 15 lbs lighter then that day back in March... What do you think of that!? ;)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Please Indulge me for a moment

The hotel room I'm staying in has the most amazing lighting :)
I saw myself in the morror and went.. whoa!

Yes, they are a little blurry - but I think they are cool and have given me hope... there's more to come, I just know it!

Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm sick, sick I tell ya

I just went away for the weekend to stay in a hotel... and I took my scale with me so I wouldn't miss a weigh in for boot camp...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just to let you know...

I'm feeling much better this afternoon. I don't know what was wrong with me this morning.. so worn out and feeling queezy. It was horrible.

Not only am I feeling better but I have my mojo back! I'm wearing a short skirt, high heals and a white button down blouse... accentuating the postive, ya know. (yeah even when I'm chubby I have good legs). Anyway a perfect stranger walked past me on the street and mentioned how nice I looked. Made my day.

Look out world here I come! lol

It had to happen

Feeling blah today. Mostly caused by the hot hot hot weather we're having. I have no AC so it means sweltering in my house with all the windows open waiting for it to cool down. We finally went to bed at 11:00PM and it still wasn't cool. Woke up at 4:00AM STILL wasn't cool. Didn't sleep well at all. Drug myself (and the fiance) to the gym anyway. Me managed to get our chest workout in, but just barely. I REALLY didn't want to get onto the tredmill but I did it anyway. I did my intervals but by the end of it I was feeling like I was going to be sick. Not a good feeling at all. Hopefully I'll feel better later but since it's supposed to be 100+ again today, I doubt it.

One more day!! One more workout and I'm taking two days off... man I need it!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And a Wednesday Update too!?

Monterey Sunset
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Still doing grand - No slips on the nutrition front - keeping up my excercise minutes and... would you believe it... I'm losing weight. As zooman said..I continue to amaze myself. And I like it! Come the second week in July I'll have further incentive to stay on track. I got in then to get my measurements taken for my wedding dress. I'm hoping that by my first fitting... she'll already have to make some alterations ;)

Not much else to report people... I'm at 195.8 today. Yes, the 195's are just around the corner! then it's on to the 180's. I can't wait! I'm impatiently waiting to start to see 'real' muscle. I can see outlines now but I'm sure things are going to get really interesting as the weight continues to drop. I'm just SO EXCITED!

alright - enough blathering. Three weeks until I take updated pictures and I've never been so impatient in my life!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

happy Tuesday

so much to catch up on!
First the really great news... today's weigh in, 196.7. I just can't believe this is really happening! @s it easy? No, but I'm not afraid of a little hard work.
Nezt news... I'm digging clothes out of my 'skinny' box! What's even coler is yesterday I wore a pair of pants that I last wore whwn I was 191. I think I'm seeing the payoff from all the weightlifting.
workouts are going great! food is perfect. We went away for the weekend and I even stayed onplan during that! the leanness lifestyle isn't easy, but I'm finally staying consistant enough to see results.
did I mention that my pants are falling off me today?
Oh yeah. went to Ross yesterday clothes shopping. I fit into clothes in the 'normal' section again! No more plus sizes for me!
Hope everyone is having a great day and a great week.

Friday, June 16, 2006

A little 'pep' for me

The Giver
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I think I mentioned that my mom was visition from out of state this past weekend. She and my daugher were at my house. I'm in bootcamp right now so there was no way I could justify deviating from my 'lifestyle' just for them. This meant that on Saturday we spent almost two hours at the gym and I went for a walk after we got home. I also packed my lunch for the day before we left the house both Saturday and Sunday. And on Sunday when we got home and everyone went to take naps I got on the weight machine outside, then went for a run, then came in and did pilates for 20 minutes.

I wasn't doing it for show... I wasn't doing it for anyone but myself but I got TWO special treats out of it anyway.

First off let me say that 'ingnoring' my guests for almost two hours each day was NOT easy for me. I get to see my mom (if I'm lucky) once a year and my daughter about twice a month. As for the food, well we have a long tradition in my family of basing our socilization around food. We did some of that this time, but the food was nice healthy burritos (with ff cheese and extra lean turkey), or a big bowl of yogurt and strawberrys. Anyway - I was feeling a little gulty anyway.

Mom left on Tuesday, but my daughter stayed 'til Wednesday. Wednesday when I got home from work she (12 years old by the way) bounced up to me to let me know that she ate, not one but TWO spinach salads that day! Granted, she's not overweight, but she does have some rather horrindous eating habits (at least 1/2 of which are my fault) that are going to not serve her well as she gets older. That was on top of her carefully pouring over the dressing Isle a few days earlier and rushing up to me FULL of excitement over finding Ranch Dressing with 'Look! zero fat mommy!'. (for herself - I don't eat dressing - yuck!)

As if that wasn't enough, I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday. She asked how I was doing on my diet and if I was still eating good. I told her everything was great and that I had lost a few pounds since the weekend and she said "That's Great" she added "You're doing great. I really is an inspiration". That one little phrase made my week. Being an inspiration is one of my goals, and being an inspriation to those I care about the most - my family - is the absolute cream of the crop.

Anyway - just thought I would share my little bit o' 'sunshine'.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


hey everyone. just testing posting from my phone! if this works, blogging just got a whole lot more fun

Note to self...

When taking a walk at lunch time - avoid the heart of North Beach... Walking past rows of Italian Eateries, Bakeries and Gilato shops are not good on the Dieting psyche!

Good News

The north tower
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I guess all that moaning and stomping of my feet yesterday was good cardio, cause... today I got a treat. Finally my "intelligent persistence" (that's what coach called it) paid off. The scale this morning 198.7... FIRMLY back under 200 and only .1 off where I need to be to reach my goal this week. YAY!!!

I already got my Leg workout in this morning and 30 minutes of cardio... I'll do another walk along the hills of San Francisco at lunch and maybe even get a swim in after work.

For anyone who wonders here's what my current plan looks like. 5 days a week of weight training. I'm currently on week three of a 12 week Periodization Plan. This means my weights, sets and reps vary every workout - but it's kind of fun to see what's in store each week. This is a departure from my Max-OT workout but I'm still building strength and muscle and I like that. The first week was REALLY hard and I felt shattered after each workout, but I'm getting used to the higher reps now.

Cardio... Well My current requirement is 630 minutes of EXCERCISE a week - so whatever I don't use weight training I fill with cardio. Mostly walking because I'm still fighting a great deal of pain in my hip (from last year). When I walk the treadmill I go 3.5 miles per hour and do incline intervals - raising the incline from 6% to 9% (and eventually 10%). When I walk outside I choose a rout that has me going uphill a LOT (you can do that in San Francisco). I keep a brisk pace and try to hit all the lights. Weekends I've been trying to hit the swimming pool and swim for at least an hour. It's one of the few forms of cardio that I actually LOVE. I have to force myself out of the water. On occasion I've thrown in doing some DDR on the PS2 or running laps in my driveway - or whatever it takes to get a few minutes of cardio in.

Food - currently I'm averaging 1400 calories a day. I'm zig-zaging a little, mostly just so I have a few extra calories to use on a 'splurge' meal once a week. I'm eating five or six meals a day all pretty much equal in calories. I also try to balance Carbs and Protein in meals but what's most important is that at the end of the day my ratios are Carb (30-50%) - Protein (30-50%) - Fat (10-30%)

What else? Um? I'm keeping a positive attitude - trying not to stress too much and enjoying seeing some CHANGES for once.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dreams To Reality

Is it summer yet?
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"The more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, and
act as if what you want is already there, the more you’ll
activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform
your dream into your reality."

*Dr. Wayne Dyer


A Bridge A Bay A Foggy Day
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Hi guys! sorry I haven't updated more. I've had a lot going on:

Started Bootcamp
My daugher graduated Highschool
Had my mother visiting from out of state
work is ramping up even more..

you know how it goes. BUT I've been really really focused on my goals. I haven't had a single slip! yay!

However - my body is being it's normal 'resistant' self. I was down below 200 again on Saturday - but Sunday it jumped up and has stayed up. I want to throw myself on the floor and kick my feet but instead I'm using my coach to my advantage. I threw my frustrations at his feet and left it to him to figure it out. I kind of like being able to do that.

That being said... I have seen SOME results since I joined leanness lifestyle in April:

What Measured Recent High Low Change to Date
Weight 200 206.7 199.2 -6.00
Body Fat .47 0.51 0.47 -0.03
Neck 14 14 14 0.00
Chest * 39.25 41 39.25 -1.75
Bicep 12.5 13 12.5 -0.50
Forearm 11.25 11.25 11 0.25
Waist 37 39.5 37 -2.50
Hips 48 49.25 48 -1.25
Thigh 26 27 26 -1.00
Calf 15.5 15.75 15.5 -0.25

*In case anyone cares :) my chest measurement is taken just under my arms and is not my 'bust' measurement.

So - I can't be TOO unhappy about taking 2.5" off my waist. Still I want to see the underside of 200 and STAY there!

the goal is to be 196.9 by 6/20... I better sign off now and go get some cardio done!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Who? What? Huh?

Still rolling along here. I just had to say that ... I'm sore! As in, OMG don't ask me to lift my arms SORE!! and I'm supposed to go to Yoga tonight. Eh, yeah.

Bad news, I didn't do any cardio when I got home last night. Just pooped out as is my M.O. BUT I've got 75 minutes of Yoga to do tonight that'll make up for it.

Food was perfect yesterday and will be today. No major cravings - something's 'right' in my head right now and I'm glad for it.


Coreopsis Mayfield
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"Your life can either be a magnificent achievement, evidence
of which is your joy and the joy you impart to others, or a
tragic missed attempt, revealed by your sorrow. However, the
greatest revelation of all is that no matter achievement or
missed attempt today, when you wake up tomorrow, your attitude
will determine which result you will end with at the end of
the day. Choose a positive attitude that leads to helping
others, and in so doing you will bring joy to yourself and
daily live the life of a high achiever."

*Greg Werner {Master Strength & Conditioning Coach}

Monday, June 5, 2006

It's happening

The south tower
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I've been a roll - really!

As of today I'm officially 201.7... that's a loss of 2 lbs from last week! whoo hoo!

I missed a few early workouts last week but I made them up over the weekend. I even got to swim yesterday which is offocially my favorite cardio.

Food has been perfect. Even when I went out with friends on Thursday and had a 'night out' with the work crowd on Friday - no slips. This is BIG. Expect more of the same from me. I'm so focused right now. Everything has come together at once - the wedding plans the hiring of a trainer... everything.

Oh and the new workout plan (12 resps per excercise) is kicking my BUTT!! I'll post some workout numbers soon - just know a new part of me is hurting each and every day and I love it!

did 45 minutes of weights this morning including Bis/Forarms and abs. I'll be doing 30 minutes of cardio tonight probably incline intervals on the treadmill - but I may just strap on the ol' running gear and hit the pavement - we'll see how I feel when I get home (and how dark it is). I'm so pumped!

Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp starts on Thursday and I'm prepared...Hope you are too... prepared to be amazed! ;)