Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good News

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I guess all that moaning and stomping of my feet yesterday was good cardio, cause... today I got a treat. Finally my "intelligent persistence" (that's what coach called it) paid off. The scale this morning 198.7... FIRMLY back under 200 and only .1 off where I need to be to reach my goal this week. YAY!!!

I already got my Leg workout in this morning and 30 minutes of cardio... I'll do another walk along the hills of San Francisco at lunch and maybe even get a swim in after work.

For anyone who wonders here's what my current plan looks like. 5 days a week of weight training. I'm currently on week three of a 12 week Periodization Plan. This means my weights, sets and reps vary every workout - but it's kind of fun to see what's in store each week. This is a departure from my Max-OT workout but I'm still building strength and muscle and I like that. The first week was REALLY hard and I felt shattered after each workout, but I'm getting used to the higher reps now.

Cardio... Well My current requirement is 630 minutes of EXCERCISE a week - so whatever I don't use weight training I fill with cardio. Mostly walking because I'm still fighting a great deal of pain in my hip (from last year). When I walk the treadmill I go 3.5 miles per hour and do incline intervals - raising the incline from 6% to 9% (and eventually 10%). When I walk outside I choose a rout that has me going uphill a LOT (you can do that in San Francisco). I keep a brisk pace and try to hit all the lights. Weekends I've been trying to hit the swimming pool and swim for at least an hour. It's one of the few forms of cardio that I actually LOVE. I have to force myself out of the water. On occasion I've thrown in doing some DDR on the PS2 or running laps in my driveway - or whatever it takes to get a few minutes of cardio in.

Food - currently I'm averaging 1400 calories a day. I'm zig-zaging a little, mostly just so I have a few extra calories to use on a 'splurge' meal once a week. I'm eating five or six meals a day all pretty much equal in calories. I also try to balance Carbs and Protein in meals but what's most important is that at the end of the day my ratios are Carb (30-50%) - Protein (30-50%) - Fat (10-30%)

What else? Um? I'm keeping a positive attitude - trying not to stress too much and enjoying seeing some CHANGES for once.

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