Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And a Wednesday Update too!?

Monterey Sunset
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Still doing grand - No slips on the nutrition front - keeping up my excercise minutes and... would you believe it... I'm losing weight. As zooman said..I continue to amaze myself. And I like it! Come the second week in July I'll have further incentive to stay on track. I got in then to get my measurements taken for my wedding dress. I'm hoping that by my first fitting... she'll already have to make some alterations ;)

Not much else to report people... I'm at 195.8 today. Yes, the 195's are just around the corner! then it's on to the 180's. I can't wait! I'm impatiently waiting to start to see 'real' muscle. I can see outlines now but I'm sure things are going to get really interesting as the weight continues to drop. I'm just SO EXCITED!

alright - enough blathering. Three weeks until I take updated pictures and I've never been so impatient in my life!


  1. Keep up the hard work Shawn, it's going to pay off. I am looking forward to seeing pics, of the newer more athletically styled you, in a few weeks.

    You're going to look fabulous in your dress. I appreciate it's been a long road for you, since those shall we say "darker" days, but I visualise a confident, vibrant, wonderful woman, and I know how much your life with Peter means to you, and that's the most important thing here, your happiness, and your right to be the woman you want to be.

    Keep going. Peter's found himself a true diamond, and I wish you both the best of everything.

    You should be so proud of yourself Shawn. Your greatest muscle is your heart.

    WELL DONE :-) :-).


  2. SOOOO excited for you Hon!!! What a THRILL to have clothes falling off!!! WHOOOOO HOO !!!! Keep it up July will show us MORE great things I know!

  3. Go Shawn, go! Go Shawn, go! Feeling the excitement. Can't wait for pics either!!