Sunday, June 25, 2006

Please Indulge me for a moment

The hotel room I'm staying in has the most amazing lighting :)
I saw myself in the morror and went.. whoa!

Yes, they are a little blurry - but I think they are cool and have given me hope... there's more to come, I just know it!


  1. That's awesome Shawn. What I would normally say at this point is, one thing you can try is to flex the Forearm, as far back towards the Bicep as you can, as that way the Bicep pops up more.

    Then you'll see more of that superb development.

    Great job though. YES there is more, you know it, and I know it.

    WELL DONE :-) :-) :-).


  2. Looks at those guns...remind me never to piss you off in a dark alley!!