Wednesday, June 14, 2006


A Bridge A Bay A Foggy Day
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Hi guys! sorry I haven't updated more. I've had a lot going on:

Started Bootcamp
My daugher graduated Highschool
Had my mother visiting from out of state
work is ramping up even more..

you know how it goes. BUT I've been really really focused on my goals. I haven't had a single slip! yay!

However - my body is being it's normal 'resistant' self. I was down below 200 again on Saturday - but Sunday it jumped up and has stayed up. I want to throw myself on the floor and kick my feet but instead I'm using my coach to my advantage. I threw my frustrations at his feet and left it to him to figure it out. I kind of like being able to do that.

That being said... I have seen SOME results since I joined leanness lifestyle in April:

What Measured Recent High Low Change to Date
Weight 200 206.7 199.2 -6.00
Body Fat .47 0.51 0.47 -0.03
Neck 14 14 14 0.00
Chest * 39.25 41 39.25 -1.75
Bicep 12.5 13 12.5 -0.50
Forearm 11.25 11.25 11 0.25
Waist 37 39.5 37 -2.50
Hips 48 49.25 48 -1.25
Thigh 26 27 26 -1.00
Calf 15.5 15.75 15.5 -0.25

*In case anyone cares :) my chest measurement is taken just under my arms and is not my 'bust' measurement.

So - I can't be TOO unhappy about taking 2.5" off my waist. Still I want to see the underside of 200 and STAY there!

the goal is to be 196.9 by 6/20... I better sign off now and go get some cardio done!


  1. Way to go lady. Keep up the hard work and the results will start to show more.

  2. Shawn, what are you apologising for? Your life comes first, we all know that, so don't apologise okay :-).

    You're not someone who needs to.

    We're all proud of you, and we'll be around for you anytime, so no worries it's all good.

    Just keep up the great progress, because even with a coach or PT, you still have to give them 100%, turn up each time, and not balls up the eating.

    Still a lot of effort from you, that YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF.

    You will get there, just be patient, and keep loving yourself. You're a fantastic woman Shawn, I'm always proud of you, and you'll do yourself proud in the long run.

    Hang on in there, and WELL DONE. You're a real star performer :-).