Friday, June 16, 2006

A little 'pep' for me

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I think I mentioned that my mom was visition from out of state this past weekend. She and my daugher were at my house. I'm in bootcamp right now so there was no way I could justify deviating from my 'lifestyle' just for them. This meant that on Saturday we spent almost two hours at the gym and I went for a walk after we got home. I also packed my lunch for the day before we left the house both Saturday and Sunday. And on Sunday when we got home and everyone went to take naps I got on the weight machine outside, then went for a run, then came in and did pilates for 20 minutes.

I wasn't doing it for show... I wasn't doing it for anyone but myself but I got TWO special treats out of it anyway.

First off let me say that 'ingnoring' my guests for almost two hours each day was NOT easy for me. I get to see my mom (if I'm lucky) once a year and my daughter about twice a month. As for the food, well we have a long tradition in my family of basing our socilization around food. We did some of that this time, but the food was nice healthy burritos (with ff cheese and extra lean turkey), or a big bowl of yogurt and strawberrys. Anyway - I was feeling a little gulty anyway.

Mom left on Tuesday, but my daughter stayed 'til Wednesday. Wednesday when I got home from work she (12 years old by the way) bounced up to me to let me know that she ate, not one but TWO spinach salads that day! Granted, she's not overweight, but she does have some rather horrindous eating habits (at least 1/2 of which are my fault) that are going to not serve her well as she gets older. That was on top of her carefully pouring over the dressing Isle a few days earlier and rushing up to me FULL of excitement over finding Ranch Dressing with 'Look! zero fat mommy!'. (for herself - I don't eat dressing - yuck!)

As if that wasn't enough, I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday. She asked how I was doing on my diet and if I was still eating good. I told her everything was great and that I had lost a few pounds since the weekend and she said "That's Great" she added "You're doing great. I really is an inspiration". That one little phrase made my week. Being an inspiration is one of my goals, and being an inspriation to those I care about the most - my family - is the absolute cream of the crop.

Anyway - just thought I would share my little bit o' 'sunshine'.


  1. You're an inspiration to many people Shawn, that includes me :-).

    That's why I'll support you through whatever you do, because I belvie in you a lot, and your won human abilities.

    Oh, and because you're fantastic, and funny and all that other stuff ;-).


  2. Shawn, that is so great!! What a wonderful compliment! Also, for your daughter to make that extra effort to get the fat free stuff is such a great reflection on you!

    Way to stick to your guns!!

  3. Wow shawn that is Lovely compliment! Very nice that darling daughter is seeing fit to pick up your "habits"