Tuesday, June 20, 2006

happy Tuesday

so much to catch up on!
First the really great news... today's weigh in, 196.7. I just can't believe this is really happening! @s it easy? No, but I'm not afraid of a little hard work.
Nezt news... I'm digging clothes out of my 'skinny' box! What's even coler is yesterday I wore a pair of pants that I last wore whwn I was 191. I think I'm seeing the payoff from all the weightlifting.
workouts are going great! food is perfect. We went away for the weekend and I even stayed onplan during that! the leanness lifestyle isn't easy, but I'm finally staying consistant enough to see results.
did I mention that my pants are falling off me today?
Oh yeah. went to Ross yesterday clothes shopping. I fit into clothes in the 'normal' section again! No more plus sizes for me!
Hope everyone is having a great day and a great week.


  1. Whoooohoooo Shawn...I had no doubt you could do this...
    Isn't Ross's great....and buying "normal" size clothes is such a trip....next thing we know you'll be shopping in the Jr's...
    WTG on staying on plan....

  2. Shawn, I want to tell you I'm so proud of you.

    YESSSS. You're doing fantastically well, and you deserve to feel amazing. you are really displaying some truly special qualities.

    I always feel proud to support you, and I always feel jusitfied about such a decision.

    Sending you some BIG HUGS misses, because you're amazing, and I think you're capable of anything.

    I still want to see competition pics of you before you're 40.

    YOU ROCK, so keep working hard for it. I'm seriously impressed, and I think that little picture you have with the tram in it, is definitely a you of the future, so keep admiring it.

    You're going to be one of the coolest, stylish and beautiful woman in all California come 2008.

    You've got all the potential in the world, and you're proving you're a pretty special individual, so don't ever stop doubting yourself, GOOD LUCK, and keep going. You made me smile inside reading that, and I'm so happy for you.

    You're a real star, and a REAL INSPIRATION. WELL DONE Shawn!!!!!!!


  3. Way to go!!! Congratulations!!! Keep up the hard work, you're on your way!!

  4. Huzzah! and congratulations.

  5. Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo!

    I love skinny clothes!

    Way to go, Shawn!!!

  6. Awesome Shawn, I knew if you were able to hang in there you would eventually see results. Now that it's happening keep up the drive and you will continue to amaze youself. Keep up the progress!