Friday, March 3, 2006

Hey all!

I'm getting better and better as the days go on.

Fiance has honored his commitment to run with me and we've had two training days this week where we ran together - yay!

I also got legs, back and chest in this week so things are going good.

Highlight so far this week?

I bench pressed 90 lbs + the bar this morning! (x6) I wanted to stand up and dance around the gym when I was through! (that's 135 lbs total or 61 kgs for those of you on the metric system) I can bench press more then my goal weight! whoop. It's also cool to load up the BIG 45lb plates on the bar...

If I could get my eating to match up with the gym stuff I would be doing well. I've really been struggling - binging on cookies and the like. Not a good pattern. Every day I wake up and tell myself TODAY I'm going to succeed and every day when it comes time to make that 'hard choice' I fail.

I know what I need - I'm just fighting it. I need to plan my meals for the day befor hand - then there's no choice to be made at a week moment. The choice would already be made.

Now that I've said it - I just need to do it.

This is the year of my success - it's time to start living it.


  1. Shawn that's awesome about the training. You know how to get it on track, and churning out amazing results :-).

    As for the diet issues, you've been solid for a long time, but I know last year you allowed old patterns to sneak into the itinerary again, which put a bit of a kybosh on things.

    This isn't like that, and you aren't going to make those judgement calls again.

    You know you're capable of nailing the food, and you'll do it Shawn :-).

    You have no reason to doubt your own ability misses, absolutely none at all.

    YOU CAN DO IT, and I for one am not going to let you slide on the food.

    You've got the ability to curb it. I know it's hard, because you've had many years of letting it dictate your life, but YOU CAN DO IT.

    You should still be very proud of yourself, but don't let your fighting spirit be deflated yeah :-).

    You're not a quitter, a weak person, or one of othse all talk types, you're the real deal, and you learned from your collpase last year, and you've changed into a hardcore dedicated person.

    You'll get there Shawn. I'm a massive believer in you, and I'm not going to stop telling you what you're capable of, or letting you wallow in some form of self pity, or loathing okay.

    You're too good for this, so you pick yourself up, you get that food nailed like you have so many time this year, and just kick that planning into gear.

    If you believe in yourself, like I believe in you, you'll make it all the way to being a PT, and even an athlete, if you want to, BEFORE you're 40.

    GOOD LUCK Shawn, you're an amazing woman, so don't ever forget who you are, and start becoming someone else.

    You're different now, and that's how you should stay. Healthier, more disiciplined and happier too.

    Way to go on the training. I'll be watching your every post as per usual, and giving you maximum support, because I know who you really are, and so do you, and it's nto a food binging self doubter.

    You're just too solid, and dynamic to be a bit of a "pudding head", and go duh look at me I ate all those cookies duh. Ha ha ha. It's not your style anymore okay :-).

    Best wishes Shawn. I'm glad you're over your litle health hump, and I do feel a lot of pride for you as always :-).


  2. WOW! Very impressive. You should be very proud of yourself because that is amazing.

    BTW, I like the bunny suit.

  3. Awesome bench press! You definitely would have deserved to do a dance of joy! Keep trying with the eating: you can do it! I think that's a great idea to plan your meals the night before. The eating part is the hardest for me too, so I understand what you mean.

  4. Great to see you two are gonna be running together! that 's sooo Nice!! & as Brit-man says about the eating .. don't be a "pudding Head" ( whatever that means! ~lol;) hmmm I might borrow that one!!!

  5. A pudding head is a person who has acted a bit silly, like someone who ate too many cookies ;-).

    Not an idiot though, that's a different state of being.