Friday, November 17, 2006


I was going to wait until thanksgiving but i think next week is just going to be too busy so I took some progress photos today - and I'll share them :) Sorry that I still can't seem to work up a smile for these... heh

So, some of you remember me from this photo take in May of this year:

Front Bikini

I've made a little progress since then :)


May to November


(sorry about the hight difference)

Side May to November


Back May to November

And just in case you wondered what I look like with CLOTHES on :)

Progress with clothes May to November

And here's a bonus for those who like a 'strong woman'

(viva the tummy and why I'll never be on stage. :( )

Poser November

The Hulk! :)

The Hulk Nov

And right and left Bis

Right Bi November

Left Bi November

Little back action going on

Back November

My "I scare boys at the gym" pose

Poser 2 November

And, because I like to show off :)

Chin Up


  1. Dang Dang Dang
    You look great!!!!!! Congrats on all of your hard work!!!! You look (and probably feel) like a completely different purpose.

  2. Frig woman, only you could re-invent the 6-pac ;-) ;-).

    Maybe you could lovingly call it the 6-flab ;-).

    Of course you'll be on a stage one day. You've got time before you're 40 to do it. I've never stopped believing it, I'm not stopping now.

    Only you can truly know what you feel about yourself, but from one who's seen the start point, or I suppose you could call restart point, you have done something pretty spectacular.

    I know it's been hard, and I know it's not been easy to break emotional barriers down, I mean you're weighing less than you have for about 20 years more or less, and that's a big thing to accomplish, and nobody but nobody can turn around and fault you, even though you have had one or two oopsie moments along the way.

    Misses, you have given 100% about 99.99999% of the time, and it shows, and I think finally you have every right to start feeling beautiful again, without feeling like you're fooling yourself.

    So you keep working hard at it, because I hope you can see yourself, for the butterfly you're starting to become. You deserve to feel like a proper woman, not a frump, or an embarrassment, or all those other things you might have felt at one time or another.

    This is your chance to feel like you've always deserved to feel, and no matter how much hubby loves you, you never stop loving yourself too, because it's working for you, and if life begins at 40, then maybe just maybe you could be an amateur novice champion at something.

    Never say never Shawn okay :-).

    GOOD LUCK making more amazing things happen. you're an inspiration, so keep trusting your head and your heart, and be strong.

    Compared to Jan 2006, you look awesome.

    You are a real, REAL success, and 3 times the woma you were several yeas ago, when you felt so bummed ith life.

    You deserve to be VRY, VERY PROUD of yourself.


    :-) :-) :-).


    P.S. I've always been itching to know, what is the deal with peoples progress pics and the holding the newspaper thing, is that to prove the start date, because often you can't see the paper properly anyway.

  3. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!! Wow, Shawn, really great work. I'm so very happy for you!

  4. WOW! I remember a while ago you said you thought almost everyone who had great success got it at least mostly right on the first try and that people who were never quite successful but tried over and over again (you put yourself in that category) were never going to have that "breakthrough"... well, you've proved yourself wrong and by doing it have inspired a lot of us who just keep trying and trying... never give up and one of these times it IS going to work!

    Great job, amazing persistence and you look AWESOME!!

  5. It's just amazing that you keep on going! The fact that you have never given up shows what can be accomplished. Well done Shawn, you are one incredible and inspiring lady.

  6. Shawn,

    You look fantastic! Soooo proud of you! Keep up the great work

  7. look AMAZING!! Awesome job-you like a totally different person. AWESOME MUSCLES!!-Kana

  8. Coming a little late to the party, perhaps, but the only thing to say is hot damned!

    Leif Roar