Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week One - Check

Week one of thirteen is in the books - managed to put in all my training except the one swim I had planned. I'm ok with that. Three runs and two bikes for a total of 56 miles for the week is a pretty big accomplishment.  and, I logged 5:46 in training time.

First day was a strength workout that included 'hill bounding'. Only there are no hills in Alameda - so I modified my workout to 'stair bounding'.

After a 15 minute warm-up run I did 8 sprints of the stairs, with a 10 second sprint after reaching the top. Then it was a recovery jog back to the bottom of the stairs to do it. It was a short, but intense workout. What was funny was that while I was pooped after doing the stairs, after a short recovery, I was hardly felt like I had run at all and was feeling like I should do more! That's a good sign that I'm starting out on the right foot.  2 miles for 26 minutes

Day two was hill repeats on the bike. We've already established that there are no hills worth speaking of here in Alameda, so I do simulated hills on the trainer... In some ways I think training on the trainer is harder because there's no coasting it's 35 minutes of spin spin spin... 2 minutes of hills with 3 minute recovery 5 times  8 miles for 35 minutes

So, Thursdays are going to be my 'hard' run day. I know, it sounds strange for a 2 mile run to be hard, but I have have a goal of doing the Bridge to Bridge 12K at a 11 min/mile pace. So, thursday is when I'm training at this pace and for me, right now, 2 miles at 11 min/mile is HARD! Hopefully this'll get easier as training goes on.

For the actual 2 miles of my run (the .4 was warm-up) I managed to average 11:16 min/mile. A little above goal, but I'll be doing this same run next week and maybe I'll be able hit that 11 then.  2.4 miles and 28 minutes

Saturday I decided to ride with the Oakland Yellow Jackets.  This ended up being my longest ride to date. I was really happy with how the ride went - enjoyed the team, and the ride itself was fantastic. Just enough of a challenge on the hills without being overwhelming. The pace was perfect for the distance because I ended feeling I could still go more. AND I didn't fall once!  41 miles 3 hours 45 minutes of training logged.

Today was my last workout of the week -- Hooray!

I was so tired today, my legs just didn't want to move! even after 10 minutes of warming up I didn't feel warmed up and when it came time to put on the gas just a little bit - the engine just didn't want to go. Still, I made it through even when I wanted to quit! and managed to log the final 2.8 miles in 34 minutes.

I am calling this week a complete success.

For next week the plan is:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Leg/Abs and running hill repeats (Might stay and run in SF for this one)
Wednesday - Chest/Biceps and biking hill repeats (Probably on the trainer)
Thursday - Back/Traps and 3 mile run for pace
Friday - Shoulders/Triceps
Saturday - Endurance Bike - (probably try to catch up with the yellow jackets again)
Sunday - Run 45 minutes Fartlek and 1500y swim

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