Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ummmm - Holy Cow!

When I signed up to do Anchorman - I thought the challenge would be the .75 mile swim in the bay.   Well today I finally got the race maps working and took a look at the bike... ULP!!!  As you know, hills arn't my strong suite (yet).  Check out the elevation map on the puppy!

Oh and we're supposed to do that - twice.

It's good thing I've been doing 1/2 my training on my rides into the wind!


  1. Just pick and low gear and spin. Don't make it hard on yourself and over analyze it. You will do fine!!

  2. Like Lazy said, you'll be all good! Just find the easiest possible gear and spin away nice and easy up it. Mashing big gears will only cause ya much pain later. :)