Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And the 1/2 Iron Training Begins

One thing I didn't mention in my last post is 2010 will also be the year of the weight training. Hubby and I started getting constant at going to the gym late last year during the "off season". We plan to continue that effort through tri training. Normally that will mean hitting the gym for weights and stretching early in the morning (we get up at 4:00AM) and then doing tri training at night after work. Today however, since we got done with the weights early, and the run was only 30 minutes, we did our run right at the gym on the treadmill. Since the the weather's been bad to worse of late, and the focus was on running drills this actually turned out to be ideal.

Now, my back is sore from a killer weight workout, and I'm all energized from doing 30 minutes on the treddy - 10 of those minutes doing inseam drills.

The remainder of the workouts include:

25 miles on the bike tomorrow (we'll use the trainers)
45 min run on Thursday (The long run of the week)
30 min of drills on the bike Friday (supposed to be hill repeats - I'm thinking we'll just simulate with big chain on the trainer)
40 minutes of running w/hill bounding on Saturday (cross your fingers that the weather will clear like the report says it will)
30 miles on the bike on Sunday (again with the hoping for good weather!)

Yes, I know there's no swimming in there - that's because as of right now, I don't have any place to swim :( I canceled my membership in the town where I live, and I'm a woose, and I won't do open water swims when it's 50 degrees outside. My goal is to be able to do my swims on my lunch hour but that'll require me getting a second gym membership, something that's not in the budget (today). So, for now I'm going to have to rely on the the fact that I'm a strong swimmer and I've completed the 1.2 mile swim easily many times before...

That being said, I'll be signing up for a gym membership if I ever get some extra chashola, and I'll be hitting the OW as soon as the temperatures get reasonable.

PS: if you want more details on my weight training, I track it all at Daily Mile - and update twitter with my workouts (SAMBoddy69) You may notice I'm a much better weight lifter then runner - heh.

PPS: bought a second bike trainer over the weekend so hubby and I can workout together :D

A family that trains together

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