Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 Recap

The year 2009 was an interesting year for me.  I turned 40, and while not the introspective, page turning birthday that some experience, it did make me realize that I was getting much to old to keep putting my dreams and goals on hold.  If I was going to make a dent in my bucketlist, I better get a move on.

One thing I had be thinking about doing for years was a triathlon.  As I started to look forward to 2009 and my pending birthday, I knew that this was the year I was going to finally do it, so, I signed up with Team in Training and started training for Lavaman in Oct 2008.

At 240lbs, training was difficult.  I struggled with running and biking and was always the absolute back of the pack.  But, I persevered and through a myriad of struggles and injuries, on March 29th I started and finished my first ever triathlon.

It became clear to me that day that I was hooked.  But, it also became clear to me that I couldn't continue in this sport with success and with any longevity at 240lbs.  So, the day after we got home from Hawaii I stared, once again, to work on something that's been a goal of mine for 25 years;  to lose weight.

With race after race looming on my calender and the burning drive to "not be last" I stuck to my plan and  continued to lose weight week after week.  By August I was at my lowest weight in years and was feeling good.  I was also starting to feel a little 'competitive' at races, looking for more then just 'don't be last'.  I started trying to compete against others at the race instead of just myself.  I started having a lot less fun.

I was in the middle of Run Girl Run when I realized what I was doing.  Mid race I had an attitude adjusted why race if it made me frustrated and discouraged.  What was important was that I was out there, having fun, and on the road to self improvement.

Overall, health wise, I think I've had an excellent year.  In running I went from averaging about a 15:00/mile pace, with an average distance of 2.5 miles  to 11:00/mile pace, with an average distance of 5 miles.  On the bike I went from averaging 11 MPR on most rides, to being able to hold a pace of 16 MPR.  On top of all this, in body comp I lost just over 50 lbs, and dropped 5" off my waist and 6.5" off my hips.

Not too shabby

My Races for the Year:

2.25 Miles

Dog run Dog - 25:26


Tough a Granite Trail Run - 37:47
Mountain House Run - 32:54
Skirt Chaser Run - 33:32


Old Mill Run - 1:39:25
Skyline Mountain Run - 1:14:50


Bay to Breakers - 2:08:10
Bridge to Bridge - 1:26:43

1.2 Mile Swim

Catfish Crawl - 46:23

1.5 Mile Swim

Sharkfest - 1:02:30

Super Sprint Tri

Deer Valley  - 59:44
Central Valley - 45:42

Sprint Tri

Napa Valley - 2:21:17
Anchorman - DNF (Got lost on the run)
SV Mountain Bike - 2:02:32
Tri for Fun (Pleas) - 1:30
Tri for Fun (Sacto) - 1:57:50
Tri Girl Tri - 1:49:22 (same race as Napa Valley)

Olympic Tri

Lavaman - 4:59:11
Central Valley - 3:16:46


Escape from the Rock - 2:21:11 (No Bike)
Salmon Duathlon - 2:20:35

And that about sums up 2009 - I'll post again with some of my 2010 goals - it's going to be a GREAT year


  1. You've had quite the year, young lady! Quite impressive. Sounds like you are going to make 2010 a great year as well. Art

  2. You've had a pretty incredible year on so many fronts. It's been cool watching you keep on setting PR's, and also hitting your goals on other health fronts too. Keep it up - I can't wait to see what 2010 brings!