Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It occurred to me that tomorrow (or today really since it's past midnight) is seven months from my 45th birthday.

For some reason 45 is bothering me much much more then 40 did.  Maybe it's because time seems to be going past so quickly.  Maybe because it's 5 years later and I feel I've made absolutely no progress toward my lifetime goals.  Maybe it's because I'm just in one of those moods these days.  But it keeps ringing in my head that I'm almost 45 and I'm still overweight, unhappy and at the moment also unemployed.

The unemployed bit will be taken care of shortly, but if I'm ever going to take care of the other two I need to start practicing good habits daily.  EVERY day.  This on again, off again stuff is for the birds.  I'm tired of being tired.  Tired of avoiding the mirrors. Tired of these aches and pains that I KNOW are caused by crappy diet.  I have a plan.  It's a small one.  It's a simple meal plan that I've written for tomorrow.  That's all I can handle focusing on for now... tomorrow.  But it's something at least.

Week one goals:  Plan meals every day
Walk 10000 steps every day

and that's enough for now

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