Sunday, July 26, 2015

I've been trying to tracky cravings a little closer of late. Trying to figure out when I'm at my weakest. When (and why) I binge. Although I don't have all the answers yet I have found that getting in my car to drive somewhere (anywhere) makes me think about food. Maybe it's just habit - but I really need to figure this out. Considering I spend a LOT of hours in my car -alone- it could have a lot to do with my weight gain over the past few years. I minute I get in my car and turn it on my Brian starts thinking about where on the way I can stop and get food. It doesn't matter if I just ate something either. Then when I do stop I tend to get into that 'Last Supper' mentality. I stopped this time, but I'm never doing this again so I better eat EVERYTHING I can get my hands on. Im guessing you can see why this would be a problem. 

I think if I can figure this out and break this one habit it'll go a long way to helping me win the food battle. And I'll finally be on my way to losing some weight. 

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