Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 2

I have to say - I had kind of forgotten what a pain in the butt counting calories is. bleh! Oh well in a few days I'll have my meals all tuned up and then it'll be no worries. I didn't get my meals completely planned for today. I had dance class last night and didn't get home until 10:00PM. I have to say, after the killer morning workout we did - and then 1.5 hours of bumping and grinding (in class) I was completely worn out! I hit the bed the moment I got home. As for the rest of my goals yeseterday:

Food - I was a little short. As I said, I got home really late and completely exhausted. I didn't get a fifth meal in. So I finished the day at 1153 Cals 103C/122P/29F. Yes, that's pretty low, but I wasn't hungry at any point of the day, and I didn't wake up starving this morning either. I think my body is still processing the food from the weekend :)

Excercise - Hit my RT first thing in the morning and had an excellent time at dance class, burning a few extra calories.

Water - 1 gallon + (I have a 1.5 litre water bottle that I filled up and drank 3 times - plus the water I drank during my morning workout. I think I more then nailed that goal)

And the goals for today?

1450 Calories 129gC/161gP/32gF
1 gallon of water
20 min HIIT Cardio (already done)
2 mile Steady State Run (this is my 5k training run planning it for when I get home)
a soak in the hot tub (I honestly ache from head to toe!)

Have tomorrow's meals planned out before the eod today

And that's it - for the numbers

Mentally, I'm doing ok. There's a lot of other things I need to do to sew up my motivation.

Create my 'why'
Create a vision
Set some leverage

I've got some things in place now.

I've got a 5K on 10/7 - the goal, of course, is to finish, and to do it faster then last time, but that'll require some training on my part. I've got to get those evening runs in! Plus I already know how much easier it is to run when I weigh less.

Halloween is always a big deal for my friends and I. My goal is to be back below 180 by then. Although I won't be wearing the 'sexy' costume I had hoped to be wearing this year - I will be a lot happier below 180 then above it!

The next big deal is Thanksgiving. I've set myself a goal of 174 before thanksgiving. If I reach that goal then I'll allow myself to eat whatever I want that day. Total FREE day.

Lastly is the final goal of this 16 weeks - 170 just in time for Christmas.

I've also started a list of 'rewards' for myself. Simple things like a manicure/pedicure. And more elaborite things like a sewing machine - so that I can make myself clothes that fit as I get thinnner.

Weekly I've told myself that if I reach my goal for monday 'early' in the week then That day I'm allowed 1 splurge.

Oh! - and one 'long term' motivation I've created for myself: I've signed up for Jenny Hendershott's Phat Camp in Feb. When I exicute my plan (the way I know I can) I'll be in the low 160's when I go to Camp! That's really exciting to me.

I'll continue to post these kinds of things when I come across them. It helps to make them into a 'real' commiment when I do.

For now, have a great day everyone!


  1. The main thing Shawn, is you've got the best chance you've ever had, with work, home etc, etc to makr this happen.

    I really want it to happen for you, and I will do as much as I think possible to help make that happen, but supporting and following your journey.

    So yu darn well better pull your finger out, and get shut of some wobbly bulk for good this time yeah ha ha ha ha :-p :-p.



  2. hey Shawn, just checking up on ya glad to see you posting. Did I miss it, what is the name of the program you are doing? Great goals, and good luck! You can so do this!