Friday, September 7, 2007

Another week in the bag

Well, the long weekend didn't go exactly as planned. It wasn't too bad either.

On Saturday my sweetheart and I walked down to the gym, had an amazing workout and then walked home. It was so nice!

We spent all day on Sunday walking around the scottish highland games. We watched the "Heavy Games" once again. They wern't nearly as exciting without Shannon Hartnett competing but still fun to watch. Shannon was there though and I was once again completely impressed and inspired.

Granted, she's MUCH bigger then I would want to be (and possably 'enhanced') but she does look amazing! and she does make me LONG to get my muscles back!

Food wise things wern't perfect, but much better then weekends before. Unfortunatly it's also that 'hormonal' time of the month and my body is holding onto every ounce of water it can - BLEH!

Since monday my eating has been spot on! Because of TTOM though I've yet to drop any weight. Well, and probably the fact that I haven't made it to the gym once this week either! I've just been completely exhausted all week, and I can't figure out why. Even after 8 hours of sleep I'm struggling to pull myself out of bed. I'm really at a loss as to what to do. I'm certainly going to hit the gym on Saturday. Sunday though is my 1 year anniversary and I plan on spending it having a great time with my sweetheart.

Anyway - not much else to report here. plodding along, feeling a flicker of drive now and then and then falling back into a bleek black mood. I know if I stick with it I'll find my stride once more. I just wish it would come sooner rather then later.

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  1. Shawn, you and I both know you can do it, and you've got more reason that ever to do it, now things are different.

    You might be tired, because you're TOM is possibly having some effect, or maybe your nutrition, is not helping your Muscle Glycogen to recover properly, so you're body is recovering more slowly.

    You might have reduced your Carbs lately perhaps.

    Whatever happens, be strong, and just trust yourself to do what needs doing. You CAN do it, and you shall :-) :-).