Monday, December 1, 2008

Is this? Could it be? A Schedule

Ok - I know I'm new to this whole 'tri' thing... But I do know it's something I want to do! I like exercising for a purpose.

To that end I've signed up for a few...uh.. things

No - it's not an Ironman :) Maybe in 2010 :P

But here's how 2009 is shaping up for me

March - Lavaman - Hawaii

May - Napa Valley Sprint (I've signed up for this twice and never made it to the starting line)

August - Sharkfest Swim - SF

September - Escape from the Rock Triathlon - SF (No this isn't that huge race that you have to go into a drawing for - it's another one)

October - Tri, Girl, Tri - Napa

Ok - I'm starting to think I'm crazy! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, Shawn - now that is a schedule. I think I see an ironman in your future. :) Art

  2. Hi Shawn!

    I have checked on you once or twice since you joined my Beth Mid Fitness Camps group and to see this now...

    WOW is all I can say! How terrific that you are working towards this wonderful goal!

    Congratulations and I will have to check in and follow your progress...

    This is, after all, what its all about and you have found your "schedule" and are living it!



    Please contact me and share anytime!

  3. Pretty cool looking schedule - that Shark Fest swim looks awesome.