Monday, December 1, 2008

Run Run Run

Seems all I ever do is Swim Bike Run!

heheheh - I'm teasing :)

Yesterday was a captains run Alllllll the way in Alameda.  It's about an hours drive for me... But with traffic you never know so I left myself some extra time.  I knew the run wasn't going to be too fun because 1) it was cold and 2) I HURT from biking (and running).  But it was a GLORIOUS day by the bay so I was determined to enjoy this as much as possible.

Not many people showed.  In fact TNT trainers, coaches, staff etc WAY outnumbered the participants.  I guess that's to be expected on a holiday weekend?

I was a little stunned when the captain announced that beginners were running 5 minutes and walking 5 minutes for thirty minutes.  I just upped my run interval to 3 minutes a week ago!  Given that we were already going from 20 minutes to 30 minutes it made no sense to me to lengthen the intervals at the same time!  He also let us know that today was supposed to be a 'nice easy' run.  'Watch your exertion, do the talk test..."  Well, I made the executive decision to go at MY pace.  I did the 30 minutes but ran 3, walked 2 as I have been for the entire week.  As it was it was hard.  Like a numbskull I had left the house in such a hurry that I didn't eat and I really felt it.  Normally once I'm past the first interval I get a little energy boost and the other intervals get easier.  Not this time.  It was hard the whole time.  BUT!  I went the whole 30 minutes and made it over 2 miles!  That puts me faster then my previous marker set just a short while ago! yay!  The only other run I've done faster was when I only ran 15 minutes.  Note to self - no skipping breakfast before runs!

When I was home I was a little vindicated to find out that I wasn't insane.  For some reason our captain(guess he can be forgiven since he just finished Ironman Arizona) was reading the workout wrong.

it's written 5 x 3' run /3' walk

He had told the 'intermediate' group to "Run for five minutes, walk for six'  which had them all going HUH?  too.  Turns out they were supposed to:  5 x 6' run/2' walk  it was kind of funny :)  Glad I listened to my own body and did what was right for me.  and ended up being the right workout after all! :)

So, at the end of week 3:

Swim:  .9
Bike:  17.6
Run: 3.3

Total:  21.8

Training to Date:

Swim: 5
Bike: 40.4
Run: 14.9

Total:  60.3

BTW - after listening to myself whine about how 'hard' all this was.  I did some thinking/reflecting

I remembered back to when I first started weight lifting.  I distinctly remember writing a post in my blog about how 'hard' it was.  How I hurt all the time and 'will this ever get easy?'

I can tell you that yes, yes it did.  I can walk into any gym and feel like I belong.  I have a confidence that even a layoff can't shake and I can lift weights without hurting from head to toe for days on end.

I'm looking forward to when I can say the same about biking and running :P

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