Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Updates!

I didn't workout yesterday. I was just enjoying myself too much, getting into the Christmas Spirit: Shopping, hanging lights, putting up the tree. I just couldn't seem to bring myself to strapping on a pair of running shoes and huffing my way around the neighbor hood. I think it was good though - I have a feeling my body needed the rest.

Today though - :)

First - My honey surprised me by loading me into the car and driving me to the Cow Palace where they were having a bike expo! Granted, I know next to nothing about bikes but even I know quality 'horse flesh' when I see it. I picked up some nice biking gloves, a tiny little 1.5 liter water pack and...

A new bike!

I take back everything I ever said about road bikes being 'no big deal'.

Seriously! I grew up riding 10 speeds from Montgomery Ward. This trail bike of mine is the nicest bike I've ever owned. Then today I sat on a quality road bike - O...M...G...! It was like... wearing silk after lifetime of wool underwear! Totally different beast! Once I rode it I knew I had to have it :) luckily it was totally in my price range.

Of course when I got home, at 9:30PM,I HAD to ride it. I happily road the new bike for almost 30 minutes and I was still ready to go more. It was just too cold and too foggy to keep going. Still - just goofing around I made it 5.5 miles - without even trying! Bike riding is fun again. Although, I do understand for the first time ever why people wear padded underwear! I have a pair but could take 'em or leave 'em. Not with this bike... OUCH!

Golden Gate at Night


  1. Nice Bike. Yes, your ass hurt if you don't wear those padded pants. I found out few months ago =)

  2. Hurray for the new bike! And glad to hear your knee is OK too.

  3. Bike porn. Gotta love the new bike.

  4. Purty, purty! We will be waiting for the name with much anticipation! Congrats!!!

    p.s. Peeps who wear bike shorts with pads (gel is good) don't wear underwear! ;-)