Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Wednesday Night in the Bag

After last weeks disappointing Wednesday night workout I was really hoping that this one would be better.

I wasn't disappointed.  The track was open this time and it made for 100% better workout environment.  It also helped that I had gotten to know a few of the team members at Saturday's workout so I was a lot more at ease overall.  A few times during my workout one of the runners would 'stop by' to walk with me while they recovered - it was much nicer and I felt a LOT less 'alone'.  Not to mention the number of 'non-team' members who cheered just when seeing the TNT shirt :)  it felt good.

We started the workout with a warm up lap.  I went at 'my' pace (slow) but didn't worry about it much since the track was so full of people that I was never by myself.  Then we all lined up for our first 'marker set'.  Basically testing our current fitness level so we can tell how far we've come in a few weeks.  I wasn't looking forward to this.  I know I 'm slow and I knew it was going to take me a LONG time to grind out the 2 miles they were asking us to run.  A part of me was afraid they were going to ask me to stop before I got through 2 miles because it was taking so long, but a part of me was hoping that they would.  They didn't.  The head coach was at this practice and he stood there the whole time - giving me my time at every lap and shouting out encouragement.  At about my fifth lap I wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish I was really hurting from the knees down and my legs felt like they weighed a ton each!  I kept at it and magically, about lap six, I started feeling better!  Yes, my lungs weren't feeling great.  I was still coughing crap out from my cold, but I didn't feel like I was going to keel over anytime soon either.  I ended up finding a pace.  A rhythm of running and breathing that felt like I could go for more then a few steps.  By the last lap I was running the entire .25 mile.  I finished the two miles in 31.35 minutes.  Yes it's slow but it's actually an improvement.  Most of my training runs before now have averaged about a 17 minute mile - obviously doing 2 miles in just over 30 is much better then that.  What really surprised me was getting an 'all right!' and a high five when turned in my time.  It was confusing - but nice :)

After that we did the same as last week;.  one circuit around the track and then some core strength exercises. Again this was much better then last time.  The head coach kept an eye on people while they were working.  Helped with form and gave out pointers.  All it all it was much more focused, organized and actually more fun.  

In total I ran/walked 3 miles last night  - and as of yesterday I've lost 5.4 lbs.  I'm on my way on every level.

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