Sunday, November 9, 2008

The start of training

Yesterday was the team in training kick-off.  I got to meet my team, my mentors, my coaches.  I'm even more sure then ever that I'm going to hit this challenge head on and that I'll be seeing the finish line with a smile on my face come March.  I just can't see myself failing and that's an awesome feeling.

The other nice thing about yesterday was talking with all the participants and finding out that most of them are just as freaked out by the fundraising portion of this as I am.  It was great to get to talk to people who've been through this before and who could tell me things like "Most people don't respond to the first email you send out"  and other helpful things.  Not that I'm not still freaked out :)  After all, I pledged to raise $5000!  I've got a few more ideas I need to push through.  A letter writing campaign, so food sales and the like.  What I would like to do is figure out a way to do some sort of big 'event' - I'll have to think about that for a bit (although not too long).

Today was my first day of actual training (as set out by my coach).  I was really excited to be started at last and headed out the door for my run first thing this morning.  What I wasn't expecting was how hard it was!  I mean, the workout was relatively easy as written.  And I followed it, but I had a serious case of 'lead legs'.  I don't know why but it seemed to take everything I had just to put one leg in front of the other - like I was running through molasses or something.  But I made it through, got my workout in and logged a few short miles.  (1.4)  My Route I do know it'll get easier over time.

The rest of the week should be really busy

Monday is a swim, Tuesday I have choir, Wednesday is a 'coached' workout (run and weights), Thursday is a swim, Friday is a bike ride, Saturday a coached swim/bike workout, and Sunday a coached run.  Even though that sounds like a lot, it's still very short mileage and very reasonable speeds.  we've got a ways to go and the coaches are taking it easy - giving people a chance to build some endurance.  It's great! :)

Alright - off to get some rest

Team in Training has kicked -off


  1. Hey Shawn - don't get too freaked out about the fund-raising. It will come, just like you don't jump in the pool one day and swim a mile the next, right? Keep working with your mentors. With the economy right now it is a little tougher but people will give. Keep bugging them! :) Seriously, I do most fund-raising on-line and I send out a note every 2-3 weeks. I always express them as an "update" but remind people about my webpage to donate at the same time.

    You know how emails go, a few days go by and most people will forget about the request they got. So keep reminding them about your cause.

    I like your idea of posting your workout schedule on a board, especially with a tri.

    Thanks for doing TNT - I am a survivor of lymphoma and know that one reason I am here is because people like you 20 years ago helped figure out how to cure it. So thanks - Art from Virginia.

  2. Art,

    thank you so much for your visit and for your words of encoragement. That really does help a lot! if you don't mind I would like to add you to my list of Honoree's and I will wear your name on a wristband during the race.

  3. Hi Shawn, I agree that with the economy down, fundraising will be a challenge. During my 21 Run Salute ( was trying to raise funds when 4 hurricanes had hit my area and most people nearby me were really struggling. I found it easiest to raise funds from corporate sponsors (wear their logos or promote them in the media along with what I was doing) and also via fundraisers. As a PT fitness instructor at the time, I held workout fundraisers and, with a friend who was also raising funds for TNT, we collected a number of nice raffle prizes from local businesses and raised some nice funds via that too. I also organized my own team of runners online to help me raise funds for the cause. Usually, family members & close friends are willing to help any time but others seemed to be more willing if they got something in return. For my team, I gave them some incentives like prizes for fundraising (free airplane ticket, free week long stay at a resort, boxes of energy bar, etc., that I was able to get from corporate sponsors and/or others). Just some ideas ...

    Best of luck to you!!