Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Long Hard Swim

Even though it's written differently in our plan, Tuesday is usually my rest day because it's the night I have choir and there's no way I can do that AND train in the same night.

Well, this week because of the holiday - there is no choir.  So when I got home last night I made the executive decision to rest.  It made sense since we had just swum on Sunday and the next workout was another swim.

Well, I got home tonight and seriously could not seem to get my butt out of the house and to the pool!  I dinked and I dawdled... Soon it was almost 9:00PM and I still hadn't left!  My little devil kept trying to find excuses not to go, but finally I flicked him off my shoulder and just went.

Honestly, it wasn't the best feeling workout ever.  I pretty much had to talk my way through the whole thing, but I did it!  I really tried to focus on all the things the coaches had pointed out to me.  It wasn't easy!  Hips and feet up, rotate, don't twist, high elbows move arms forward don't swoop them in circles....gah!  Of course as soon as I would focus on one thing the other 10 would fall out. It was frustrating, but I persisted.  Worse was I just had no energy.  Usually once I start exercising I do alright, but tonight it just wasn't happening.

One good thing, I set a new distance milestone.  600 without stopping! :)  It's almost as if I can feel myself getting fitter!  As I was going through that first 600 I kept having to tell myself, do this 600 and then you can quit.  Then I said, well you did that 600 so this 400 will be easy, and I finished that one.  The last set of 200 was the worse!  I had to talk myself into starting and then coax myself through every 50, but I finished!  In total - 1500 in 40 minutes.

There;s a few reasons I can think of for this workout being so hard:

1)  I've been taking allergy meds (yeah I have allergies and a cold right now - fun!)
2)  I've cut way back on caffeine to try to make room for more water
3)  Just two weeks ago I was laying on the couch with a 100 degree fever and I haven't completely recovered from that
4)  I've really been watching my calorie intake to try to drop some lbs.

Or - it could be I was just tired :)  Or my psyche was trying to test me to see if I really am going to follow through with all of this.  If it was - I won.

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Time to shower now and get some rest for another day of training.

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  1. You and I could have had the same swim last night. Mine was rough too.

    Happy Thanksgiving!