Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In the Zone

Funny how a rest day is what use to gauge gauge that I am indeed in the Training Zone. Why? Because when I get to the end of a rest day feeling like I have an excess of energy and I find myself toying with the idea of doing some training to burn it off. Then I know I've got myself into the Zone. I've been here before - I know it, I love it! What's important is that I hold myself back these days - take the rest, accept the excess energy as a bonus and don't burn myself out. That was my major mistake in the past. I'm going to do what I can to make sure it doesn't become my mistake this time.

More does not always mean better!

Oh and man am I sore. and in the weirdest place! Luckily the weight lifting I've done over the years seems to have paid off in some ways. I'm not super sore in my shoulders or back like i might expect after swimming but where I hurt.. and I do mean HURT is up high on my ribs just under my pecs... I think it's the top set of rectus abdominis. I guess the arm sweep isn't something I normally do in my training.

Time to get some 'rest' on my rest day! Tomorrow's the first team workout and I can not wait (even if it is a run and the thing I suck the most at)


  1. I am a little sore this morning from my swim yesterday. But not too bad. However, I do plan to lift weights this afternoon. I haven't done that in along time.

  2. I've always been a weight lifter - so this is kind of the opposite for me, cutting way back on weights to make room for other training. But it does help. My hubbys always been the cyclist, but was shocked when we went out together and I could power up hills he couldn't simply because of all the squats I had been doing.

  3. You go girl!! Thanks for following my blog!!! GO TEAM!! Another purple warrior in the fight against the most cowardly disease known to man: Cancer!!! Keep up the fantastic work :)!!!!