Thursday, November 27, 2008

Knee's OK!!

I figured if there was going to be 'hell to pay' for my fall yesterday that today would be the day I would know it. Well I did a 60 minute bike ride with no problem.

Ok 'no problem' is a little optimistic:) But without my knee bothering me.

the ride itself was hard. Really hard. Coach wanted us to keep up a 90RMP cadence. So I popped my 180BPM training MP3 into my shuffle, put one earpod in and went for my ride. I couldn't believe how hard it was - even on flat surface. (my elevation change was only 10 ft from top to bottom). I was tired and wanted to quit after the first 15 minutes! It didn't help that the town I live in is so tiny (and all the roads in and out two lane back roads with no shoulder that everyone likes to drive 1000 mph on) one loop, completely around my town is only 6 miles :) I really hope I start to enjoy this training soon because I don't know if I can last 5 months of this otherwise. Please tell me this will get at least a little easier? :P

The other thing that was bothering me was my right hand. I have no idea why but it keeps going numb on me while I'm riding. Something's getting pinched in my wrist I guess - I just wonder if there's something wrong with the way my bike is set up that's causing it.

But - my workout is done and now i'm going to shower and get ready to go on a cruise on the San Francisco Bay and have a wonderful thanksgiving dinner! :)

Oh and I made it 12 miles in the hour I was out. I think I managed to pick up the pace a bit :) 12 miles an hour is better the then 11 MPR I got on Saturday and the 15 MPR I got the week before that! :)


  1. The training will get easier. Nice to see you outside your comfort zone....that's where improvement lies.

    As far as you bike mention it to a coach or post a picture of your handles bars. It's different with a mountain bike.

  2. I did that 90rpm thing too. When I first started my ride was bumpy because I was pedaling so fast. I learned to focus the motion on my leg and that helps a lot... more power to the pedal!

    Good Luck!!!