Monday, November 10, 2008


Day two of training. It's currently taking all I have just to type this. I'm pooped. Beyond pooped! My arms are shaking right now. It's good thing I can type this and I don't have to write it by hand!

Why am I so tired you ask?

Well today was a swim workout and I decided to go all out (again). Since swimming is my strongest sport my thought is to use my swim workouts to push myself as far as I can. I'm also putting a lot of effort and focus into perfecting my stroke - all in all it requires a lot of concentration and it's a lot of work. But man will it pay off! :)

So tonight I went in thinking I wanted to better last week's workout. I did. I swam 2200 meters (1.4 miles) AND (for anyone who knows something about swimming) I brought my strokes per length down by about 3 strokes! All I did was make a few minor changes and POOF I was swimming more efficiantly. I know as my endurance improves and I get used to this changed swimming style that I'll be able to shave off a few more.

The only 'mishap' of the night was at the end. I was trying to be all 'macho' and 'pop' out of the pool onto the desk. Problem was as I launched myself out of the pool my left calf cramped... BAD! I had to dump back into the pool and try and get it worked out. I did work it out but MAN did it hurt - it still hurts now and will probably be sore for a few more days :|

Well - I should get to bed now! Thanks to everyone for their support and donations so far!


  1. awesome that you are getting the efficiency of the stroke down...

    good luck...its very noble what you are doing....

    all the best

  2. thank you! I appreciate your support. Honestly it took me swallowing a bit of pride to make the changes to my swim stroke. I've been swimming since I was 18 months old. Did AAU and synchronized swimming in Jr High and basically thought I had it down. But I figured I would keep an open mind and boy am I glad I did!