Thursday, November 20, 2008

I knew it would happen

And yet it still surprises me...

I'm getting better!  I'm getting faster!  And I'm recovering more efficiently!

How do I know this?  Well, tonight I did 1500 Meters in 37 minutes!  Up 'til now my pace (including rests etc) has been about 2 seconds per meter.  Today I dropped that to about 1 second per meter.  Best part!?  I feel fantastic.  In fact I feel better now, after the workout then I did before I started.  I love that feeling!

I am, however, feeling yesterday's workout.  My legs are NOT happy with me right now.  My tibialis-posterio - (the muscle running along the inside of my ankle?) hurts really really bad.  probably caused from launching 230lbs around the track :P  Funny thing, it doesn't hurt when I'm wearing heals - only flats - or when I'm barefoot.  I'm supposed to run again tomorrow - we'll see if I can.  In the meanwhile I'm stretching and taking my vitamin"I".


  1. Way to go on your time, Shawn. Someday I would like to train for a triathlon withTNT, and go for a triple crown before I get old. But I would have to improve as a swimmer tremendously. Unlike you, I am a really crappy swimmer. I mean, REALLY crappy. I can swim great underwater but not on top, and I can't hold my breath for 1,500 meters. :)

    Talk to your coaches about the pain, don't hurt yourself.

    Thanks for your comment on my "Relentless" post, I am glad that you enjoyed what I wrote. Art

  2. Yay for feeling fast! It's a great feeling isn't it? Take it easy with the ankle.