Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mmmm Fall

I made it through the week without incompasitating myself.  I consider that a huge plus.  Now it's late Sunday night and time to start all over again with a Monday.  I'm ready though.  I've got my workouts posted on a new board that I bought over the weekend.  It lets hubby see what I've plan to do throughout the week so that I don't always have to answer "What are you doing tonight?"  Should take a bit of stress off of both of us.  I've also brought out that age old fall/winder companion, the crock pot.  We had pot roast out of it today and MAN was it good.  Fantastic stick to your ribs food perfect for keeping warm as the weather cools down (we got our first rain of the year over the weekend).  And for keeping the energy up for training.  I'm watching my portion sizes so as to keep to my WW plan and keep on track for weight loss.  I'm looking to Wednesday's weigh in to be a big deal...

Otherwise I'm just hanging in there and waiting for 'official' training to start.  I'm ready for it - tired of feeling like I'm treading water here.  Let the good stuff start!

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