Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, winter is here and in SF that means rain.  This is not our first rain of the year, but it's been long enough since the last one that it might as well be.

So I'm walking at lunch time.  Grabbed some lunch have my umbrella - just walking along minding my own business when WHAM!  On foot goes out from under me!  I didn't have a chance to even think.  My hands were full of food etc so I couldn't catch myself and instead landed smack on my knee!  I was to shocked and worried to be embarassed.  And totally pissed off that I might have really hurt myself - and not even while training!

I banged the knee pretty good.  Broke skin through my pants.  there are even little marks from the pebbles that are embedded into the sidewalk.  All of that I can deal with.  What I don't know is what the impact is going to do internally.  I've got it elevated and I packed on the ice.  Guess it's just wait and see now :(  Worse part is, training for a tri you use your legs for everything - swim, run, bike.  there's really not one of those I can turn to if this knee desides it's going to fuss a bit after this fall.  When I was lifting weights I could always focus on upper body if the lower gave out or vise versa, but this.



  1. Yeah, no "do over" with injuries either. I gouged my heel out over a year ago when I got careless coming into the house, and the storm door caught my bare foot. I couldn't even stand to wear shoes for about 5 weeks and missed the half marathon I had signed up (and paid) for. So I hope there is no internal damage and that you will be good to go soon.

  2. Bummer about the fall!

    There are dryland swim drills you can do with resistance tubing to try to maintain your swim fitness when you can't get into a pool. And there's even a Swimervals DVD I just heard about recently.

    Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!!

  3. YATCH!! Good luck with that knee!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. I have totally been there! While training in April for Alaska I was running with my coach. We ran by a hospital and I saw the Medivac landing. I decided to check out the scene and missed an uneven curb. I hit the ground hard! Busted my chin, knees and hands. The hospital won't give you ice unless you're a patient. So, I washed up in the bathroom and finished my 14 miler.

    I hope you heal up fast, maybe being in the pool would help things externally? Happy Thanksgiving!