Sunday, November 9, 2008

Focus now

Right now you have available to you everything you need to take one step forward. Once you take that step, you will have even more available to you to keep going.

The more persistently you move forward, step by step, the more momentum you build. And it is a process that you can begin at any time.

Focus on the one step that you can take right now. Let go of all regrets and resentment about what has already happened.

Let go of all fears and anxieties about what may be yet to come. Put your energy into where you are, and use that energy to do what you can in this moment.

Though there may be noise and confusion all around, you can transcend all those distractions. Decide to focus on the task at hand, for that is what will move you forward.

Think of how great it feels to be moving in a positive, productive direction. Focus your energy right now and make it happen.

Copyright 2007   Ralph S. Marston, Jr.

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