Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well, well, what do you know

Was working on cadence tonight so I put on Podrunner "On the Right Foot" a 171 BPM Mix. I figured I would struggle to keep up with the cadence - after all, I'm rather slow so it's likely that that my running form isn't 'ideal'. According to the 'experts' elite runners run at a stride rate of 180-190 steps per minute. So, one of things you can do to improve your running is to learn to run in the 180-190 steps per minute range. I figured I would start at 171 and work up to 180 :) The plan was to stay at 171 BPM for as long as I could as often as I could for the three miles that was on my schedule for the day. So, I fired up the ipod and headed out. The music came on, it started 'thumping' I started running and ooo hey... Turns out, 171 is just slightly slower then I was already running! Wow! I'm pretty happy with that... I easily kept the cadence going for the entire mile... AND I think I set a new PR for three miles tonight... pretty darn cool!

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