Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who's rocking the short courses?!

I am!

Last weekend I did the Tough as Granite 5K trail run while my husband did the half marathon. Although I felt I had a good race (for me) I didn't really check on my time or anything because I was busy cheering my husband on during his long brutal race.  Two days later, when they posted results I found out I was #1 in the 40-49 Women age group!

This week, I did a super-sprint triathlon.  (200 yard open water swim, 5.5 mile bike, and a 1 mile run)  I blazed through the swim and came out of the water probably in fifth place(?), a quick transition thanks to my new tri suit from jaggad and I was blazing through the bike course.  Even with the gnarly hills I was able to maintain a 15 MPR pace on the bike and I hit the run feeling pretty good.  When I passed the first photographer I got the surprise of my life when she yelled "whoo hoo!  You go!  First Lady!"

Whaaaa!?  Me!?  Hearing that, and knowing what a poor runner I am really made me push - I left it all on the run course and I was flying high when I crossed the finish line having NO ONE pass me!  That's right!  My first podium for a tri and it was a #1!!

I'm starting to like these short courses!



  1. that is fantastic!!! congratulations!

  2. congratulations Shawn, great work and great results ! ! !