Thursday, December 10, 2009

A whole lot of nuttin'

Oh my, where to start...

I did the skirt chaser 5K in San Francisco on Nov 15th, and basically have done NOTHING since.

I woke up that morning not feeling 100%.  I didn't think much of it.  I figured it was allergies or something.  I continued to feel 'off' up until the race, but ran anyway.  It was actually a lot of fun.  A good race, well run, with great support, great food etc.

But, as soon as the race was over I wanted to go home.  I was tired a chilled and just wasn't feeling right.

By the end of the night I was running a fever and KNEW I was in a bad way... it was over a week before I would leave the house again.  The flue hit and it hit HARD.

Since then it's been really hard to get off the couch again.  The temps here have been running in the low 40's and sometimes into the 20's.  Yeah, here in Central Valley California, go figure.  Still, it's less the weather and more motivation that's got me glued to the couch.  I justify it by saying "it's the off season" - but feel guilty about it all the same.

On the positive side I have done SOMETHING the past two weeks.  I've gone to the gym!  That's right, hubby and I have gotten up, drove to the gym and worked out; three times last week and three times this week.  going back and hitting the weights feels AWESOME even if the weights I'm lifting feel piddly.

As for diet -- well it hasn't been so hot.  I'm kind of in damage control mode right now.  Enjoy the holidays, but try not to gain 10lbs.  Of course damage control would be easier if I added a little cardio into my routine... :D

I'm signed up for a race this weekend - not sure if I'll go or not.  The entry was free and since I haven't trained in a month and it's a 12k...  Just not feeling it, but we'll see.

Hopefully, everyone else is having a good holiday/winter season.  I'm going to focus on getting back into the training 'groove' next week.  Breathing is pretty much back to normal - it's time.


  1. Well, you may not win the 12K but what the heck? It won't hurt you to run it, eh? I'm just sayin'. ;)

  2. I've been focusing on simply trying to eat healthy during the weekdays, knowing that the weekends will be a eating failboat. Thus far, it's actually working..despite the oreas on the counter slowly disappearing. I blame elves for those.

  3. Hi Shawn, i think this time of year is tough for everyone. But as long as you know what you need to do,things will settle down and you'll be back in your groove in 2010.