Tuesday, August 21, 2012

N=1 experiment continues

and my N=1 experiment continues

I know - it's probably a strange time to be changing things around in my diet/lifestyle; after all I'm doing a 1/2 Iron man 70.3 miles on Saturday.  BUT I'm so tired of putting things on hold and waiting on the right time.  I need to do what I need to do NOW.

That being said on Thursday  last week I finished the book "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance".  The whole time I was reading it I was thinking... "Yep, yes, uh huh!"  I just couldn't wait to get started.  So, on Friday I put my new low carb diet plan in action.  I realize that may mean reduced performance on Saturday because I'm not 100% Keto-adapted but honestly, it's not like I was going to win any awards anyway.

That being said, my keto sticks are turning pink (haven't gotten the ketone blood tester that's recommended yet) and I'm feeling really good.  Not much hunger, not too tired and generally feeling - good.  I did a triathlon on Saturday on restricted carbs - didn't eat during the race, didn't bonk and came in at least 1 minute faster then the same race 2 months ago.  So, I think there's not really a downside to this.  If putting around in ketosis for a while will let me do races while dropping some of the fat that's holding me back from REALLY improving performance then - yeah, I'm ready willing and able.

I also have been reading through William Davis' book "Wheat Belly".  I love this book.  The pure nurdiness of it appeals to me.  I was already aware the wheat wasn't good form my by my dabbles into Paleo eating, but the amount of data here somehow 'got to me' in a way the other books I read haven't.  So, Friday I gave up grains too (again).

As I said earlier there hasn't been an appearance of the low carb flue.  That could be because I've bounced back and forth between SAD eating and low carb so often that my body is pretty adept at making the switch.  Or maybe there's going to be a delayed reaction. We'll see.

That being said - 1/2 iron man on Saturday - O...M...G!!!

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