Monday, January 7, 2013

New Start?

Yesterday was the first day of a new start... sorta

2012 wasn't too bad a year for me.  I started working on weight loss in March and dropped about 25 lbs for the year.  I'm happy with that because most of the year I wasn't really focused, but I would drop a few pounds, keep them off, then drop a few more.  It gave me a lot of confidence to be able to maintain like that.

I also started back to the gym in September and I have managed to keep that up fairly consistently this last quarter of the year.  Two things I can attribute that focus to is an awesome website called Fitocracy It a website/app that allows you to track your workouts for points and gain achievements, complete quests.  On top of that, it's got an amazing user group and an active social network of like minded people.

In October I also started training with endurance nation.  This is a tough, focused bunch of people doing long distance triathlon training together (virtually).  The coaches are amazing and I love feeling like I've got solid advice behind my training.  The group there is also very active but I'm not as connected there 'socially' because I just don't have the same endurance 'obsession' as most folks there.  I feel very outclassed - lol.  But love the coaching so I stay.

So, why was yesterday a new start for me?  Well a few things.  1)  I started back with renewed focus on my diet.  I'm doing a three month hyper focused sprint with the goal of losing as much as I can before I get deep, deep, deep into the half iron training.  (Half is scheduled for May).

And, yesterday I quit diet pepsi.  Not quitting caffeine but still feeling the effects of the reduced intake.  Plus diet pepsi is a big crutch for me.  When I'm craving sweets - diet pepsi.  When I'm feeling stressed out - diet pepsi.  It's only been a little over 24 hours and I miss it desperately.  But, I know this is the next big step to a healthy lifestyle.  Getting rid of the constant stream of chemicals and artificial sugars is going to go a long way towards taking me towards my goals.

So, here's to new starts - and to one day completed successfully!

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