Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Remember when I told you I felt like I was lookin' 'hot'? lol Well I was standing there talking to one of the guys in our office this afternoon. (He's someone who's in and out of the office frequently and usually only talks to me when I'm sitting behind a desk.) And he asked me "Have you lost weight?"

Now - granted, this guy is a salesman... AND he needed me to do something for him, BUT it was nice to hear anyway. I think it was the new outfit more then anything - it's.. flattering.

Anyway - wanted to share that little bit 'o sunshine that came into MY life today.



  1. Sorry that you're working so damn much & feeling tired hon... :( but VERY nice to gettin' compliments!!! See you are Looking HOT!!!

    way to go Girl!!

  2. You are looking hot and all that hard work is paying off.I hope everything else slows down a little and you start feeling a little more chipper!

  3. You are looking great. You have awesome progress. Compliments sure can make your day.

  4. wooohoooo! smoozing or not, you take that compliment and run down the street with it in your hands screaming, "I'm a hottie, see! Here's the proof!"

    ok, was that a bit too much? It just came to me and I went with it, lol.

    At any rate - you go hot girl!

  5. WeLL DONE Shawn, on keeping the meals together.

    You're a real shining star, no matter what happens.

    GOOD LUCK, at the doctors, I hope things sort themselves out soon.

    Get well soon, feel proud, keep smiling, and best wishes.


  6. Isn't it funny how we can totally downplay a compliment with OTHER reasons why someone gave it? Of COURSE you are looking hot! And he didn't notice just because he wanted you to do something, he noticed because you HAVE lost weight and you're looking GREAT!

    How ya feelin?

  7. AWESOME job on the compliments!! YAY..Keep on pushing yourself!

  8. Yayyy! You are working very hard and it is paying off! You look hot, and you know it! :)

  9. Excellent! You know the hard work is paying off when others are starting to notice too. Hopefully, you will feel better soon so that you can fully enjoy all these great changes you are making!

  10. woohoo! there's nothing better than recieving a compliment, it make it all so worthwhile!