Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Sorry folks - I still feel like I've been drug behind a truck.

Enough is enough - I've written a note on my hand to call and make a Dr's appointment - if this IS alergies it's time to see the Dr cause it's effecting my quality of life. If it's not - then time to get a little 'cillin' in me and get OVER it.

I'm doing what I can - walking the line sometimes on nutrition just because of pain and exhaustion but holding it together overall. I'm doing what I can but know it's not all I'm capable of (when I'm well). That frustrats me and makes me feel like a failure. I'll get over it.

On a postive note - I'm wearing size 14 pants today...If I didn't feel like crap I would be feeling pretty 'hot' today - I'm rockin a few new clothes. Oh yeah and I cut my hair again - I may take pictures - or maybe not... don't want to scare you with the red rimmed, black circled eyes.

Work is still busy as all get out and that doesn't help either. I feel a little cut off from my support group. This too will pass. I'm currently trying to cram two full time jobs into one 8 hour day and it's not going well. They promise me that my replacement is in the works. I just with they would hurry!!

So-not much of an update - but I figured I would at least let you know I'm alive. I have a goal to have seen a Dr and be on the road to perminant recovery by the end of the week.


  1. Oh, good, I'm so glad to hear you're going to see a doctor... I hope they give you good drugs and you're feeling better FAST!

  2. I love your yahoo may have noticed I just HAD to copy you...hehe...glad you are gettin your butt to the doctor!

  3. Christie - I love my avitar... I actually dress her every day in (as close as I can get) in what I'm wearing... and my new haircut is just about the same as what's in that photo.

  4. Cute that you dress your Avitar..we never quite get over playing cut out dolls & Barbies do we?? ;)
    Glad you're going to see the Doc...