Sunday, September 17, 2006

Quick Hello!

We're back! the trip was fantastic - the wedding was GREAT! I'll be posting tip photos and some commentary on our trip on my 'other blog' should you want to read more about it later.

As for this blog? Well it will continue to be about what it's always been about - me ;)

The biggest accomplishment of the past three weeks is that I went the entire vacation without going over 180 lbs! It was so exciting to take some time off and not have a big back slide. "the coach" and I had set a 'limit' of 185 and I did even better then that!

Now it's time to start a nice big 'action phase' That means - taking action ;)
And an action phase starts with some clear goals... And I'm going to make them clear and VERY Public right here and now. By November 22nd (the day before Thanksgiving) I'll be 160 lbs. That's 9 weeks and about 20 lbs - very doable. (offical starting date of 9/20)

I also start SERIOUSLY training for my first 'sprint' triathalon. Bye the end of this month I will have paid my entance fee and be all signed up - there's no backing down. That will comprimise most of my cardio training.

As for weight training. I think I'm going to spend the next 8 weeks doing Max-OT again. BUT I'm going to be really meticulous about it. EVERY rep is going to be perfectly executed. I'll go through two 4 week cycles - 4 to 6 reps per excercise. This keeps my weight workouts very focused and rather short so that I can get to my cardio. We'll see if between that and my tri-training if that's enough excercise minutes :)

Weight training will be heavy with focus on building strength. I still have some unfullfilled goals for this year such as benching 100lbs plus the bar (145 lbs) and doing pull-ups. Between the strength training and the weight loss I expect to be doing pull-ups by the end of the year... I can get to within 2 inches of the bar now and with a little work (and a few less lbs) I should be able to do more then 1 before Jan 1st.

As usual I'll let you know as things progress.


  1. Hay Sean. CONGRATS on getting married misses, and GOOD LUCK on getting your goals sorted out.

    I've always beleived you can do what you say you will, and I'll never stop believing, so don't you stop either. You are one amazing and inspiring woman, and you really should be very proud of yourself.

    I did try watching that webcam thingy for about 1.5 hours, from 10:30 9/9, like you said, but couldn't see anything, except an empty room, then a service happened around 12:00 but I could tell it wasn't yours.

    Glad to hear the wedding went okay though, I was worried something had possibly happened.

    Enjoy your new life, and I'm sending you some some BIG HUGS, because you deserve to be happy, and whatever makes you happy, you'll never find me disagreeing :-).

    Have an awesome day Shawn and keep on rocking.

    :-) :-).


  2. Hi Shawn great to see you back ...Looking forward to the pics !
    CONGRATS again!