Thursday, September 21, 2006

Day four or Day two?

Today is the fourth day of my being 'back' but I didn't 'officially' start back until yesterday... so that's why the title :)

I'm a little behind on updates so I'll try to catch you up.

Tuesday was Chest and Calves - we had fun doing barbell presses, incline dumbbell presses and dips for chest and seated and standing calf raises (I'll have to post the numbers on those later)

And then I ran for 20 minutes

I had an excellent day food wise and everything went as planned.

After two days back my body was hurting from head to toe so Wednesday we took a day off to recover.

Woke up Wednesday morning and had an 'offical' weigh in of 180.6 - I was a little bummed because I KNOW I'm still retaining water and was hoping for a better start then that, but hey - it just means that I'm going to end up with an 'easy' 2 lb loss real soon.

Today we were up at our 'usual' time primed and ready to go to the gym again. Ok so I ACTULLY hit snooze twice and then had to drag myself out of bed using all the will power I had - BUT we made it ;)

I suffered again with a case of under motivation. I know it's a case of the PMS blues that are always worse for me when my nutrition is 'off' - which is was because of vacation. BUT - knowing WHY you feel sad doesn't always make it easier to deal with. Anywho... I was just feeling BLAH this morning. Even seeing my 'dent' in the mirror when I was warming up wasn't helping... But I did it anyway. Arms today... not normally even my favorite day to workout. But I put everything I had into it and you know what? by the end of the workout I was feeling pretty good again! Pumped and as I knew I would be, glad I had done it.

That good feeling hasn't lasted all day, but for at least a few hours I got to feel good about my day.

PS - don't worry I'll get over this 'blue' funk in a bit. It's tempting to leave stuff that out of my journal. After all I don't want people to worry about me, BUT one day someone else is going to be reading this and I don't want anyone to ever thing, 'yeah, she did that, she lost 70-80 lbs but look it was EASY for her... No - it's not easy for me. It's a challenge every day - some days I enjoy the challenge and other days I don't... this week just happens to be a few of those 'don't' days - but this too will pass. And the best part is, the more I excercise and eat right the sooner 'this too will pass' will come.

Ok enough about that....

food had been ok today. I was craving chocolate so bad today. I did my 'normal' drink water, go for a walk, chew gum.. but it just kept getting worse, so I got a mini bag of peanut m&m's and ate them (about 6 in the bag). Now the craving is gone yay!

what else? Uh I'm sure there is something but I can't think of it right now...

I've started Uploading my Photos from the Trip here… I've only got four days up so far.

England Photos

The photos from our photographer of our wedding

Photographer Photos

Photos we took ourselves after the wedding

Our Photos


  1. You looked amazing Shawn, and deserved your big day.

    A big day for a big hearted woman. Can't get any better than that.

    GOOD LUCK with the continued lifestyle efforts, you are doing a wonderful job of everything, so lots of reason to be proud.

    :-) :-).


  2. Great Pics Shawn! I think I like the ones you guys took the best! You look so relaxed & So very HAPPY! YOu guys make a gorgeous, wonderful looking couple!

  3. You look amazing!
    I love the dress!!!!!!