Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Hello Everyone!

I'm back :)

As you may have guessed I had some trouble getting my head back into the game after coming off vacation. Many many things contributed to this and I struggled day to day to do what I needed to do. BUT here it is - two weeks back from vacation and suddenly, it's easy again *grin* (or as easy as it ever gets) I can't really tell you what's changed. I just know that my husband (ok it's still wierd typing that) and I looked at each other on Sunday and went - ENOUGH! We packed up our bags and committed to each other to make this a 'perfect' week.

So, yes I'm a little behind on my weight loss goals and no I haven't gotten back down to my 'before vacation' weight but I'm well on my way and certainly in the right frame of mind. I'm on FIRE (and this isn't just me giving myself a 'pep' talk).

So... To sum up yesterday (I'm going to try this new format to help organize myself - heheh)

Weight (Yesterday): 182
Water Consumed: 2L
Diet Pepsi: 0L
Minutes Excercised: 75
Ex Min Remaining for Week: 765
Macro Ratio: 42% Carb / 47% Prot / 15% Fat

Yesterday was Back day and I gave myself quite the workout...

Lat Pulldowns: 115 x 6 x 3
Close Grip Pulldowns: 125 x 6 x 3
T-Bar Row: 75 x 6 x 3
Dead Lifts: 75 x 6 / 80 x 6 x 2
Dumbbell Shrugs: 65 x 6 x 3

Then I did a 35 minute bike ride

Overall I'm feeling happy and focused and glad to be headed in the right direction again instead of stuck in this start/stop flux.

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  1. GOOD LUCK Shawn. You can achieve anything you want. You are that impressive :-).