Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is it Wednesday?

Things have been busy at work - which is a good thing because it makes time go by quickly but it means it's harder to give a good update here - so I'll try to make this short and sweet.

today's weigh in 178.1...

Monday - Ate on plan, drank water and excercised... Got in my back workout, biked for 30 minutes and then walked for another hour after I got home.

Tuesday - Ate on plan (with a extra large 'splurge meal' with my honey since it was his birthday), didn't drink as much water as I would like and walked up to coit tower in San Francisco. walk took an hour in total. We didn't get a weight workout in because the bathrooms are closed at our gym so we can't go in the morning and we used the evening to celebrate.

A few things have happend to really shore up my resolve...

1) I've been listening to an audiobook on my ipod called 'today matters'. It's helping me to really focus on today and doing what needs to be done. (in more then just weight loss). He's got some great tools and suggestions on working to 'make today a masterpiece' that I'm applying to my weight loss efforts.

2) I've been reviewing the audio version of the Leanness Lifestyle book on my noontime walks. yesterday I listened to the one on goal setting. In it coach details goal setting (something I'm a firm believer in and a doer of) and for some reason as I listed to something I've known/heard before it 'clicked' with me. I've really missed out on making daily goals for myself. Yes yes I set up 'to-do' but recently they have just been a set of 'tasks'. I had kind of lost the tie in between those tasks and the reason for doing them. For instance: Plan and make my lunch every day. It's a task, a chore I do each day. In some part of my mind it was linked to this goal of 'weight loss and better health' which is all good, but yesterday it clicked for me that it's also linked to my goal of lose .22 lbs today. For some reason linking those two nearly stopped me in my tracks. These things that I do arn't for some far off five week hazey number in the future. These things are for tomorrow - for a number on the scale I can wrap my mind around... .22 lbs lighter tomorrow then I am today. WOW!!

By making 'today a masterpiece' I directly affect my tomorrow - measurably and that thought has settled into the back of my mind and sits there like this little flame. It's something more then desire... it's kind of like I've found renewed... hope.

Anyway - I've probably just confused everyone :)

I will say Matt - I hear what you are saying about increased excercise. Believe me I'm not planning on running myself past the point of diminishing returns. However, when I was steadily losing about 2.2 lbs a week I was doing about 630 minutes of excercise per week. I've been no where near that of late. I would like to see those sorts of results again and I believe upping my excercise minutes is one of the many of the steps I need to cary out in order to do that. Thank you as always for your concern and honest input.


  1. Hi There! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the words of encouragement. :) You have lost just about the same amount I have!! So I think you deserve a pat on the back as well. Looking forward to reading more! ~ csmc

  2. No worries Shawn. I know whatever you do, you will make the right choices.

    You are doing so well, so don't let up for a moment, and just keep fueling that fire, so it's burning strong.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

    :-) :-).


  3. Just poppin in to say HI & keep goin girl! :D

  4. I've been reading your blog since the summer - you have inspired me. thanks & hope things are going well.