Thursday, October 19, 2006


175.5 today. I'm seeing a downward trend again yay!! I've got my sites set on being OUT of the 170's the first part of November - how cool is that??

The key will be to remain really focused this weekend - I'll be out of town for three days and I plan on going out to eat with my Dad on Saturday so it'll be a challenge but NOT Impossible. The good news is I'll have pleanty of time to workout :) I may even meet my dad at the gym again as working out with him was a LOT of fun.

I'm going to have to set a date for new progress pictures... oh heck - Thanksgiving is my 'goal' date so Thanksgiving will be progress pics - you can bet they'll knock your sox off.. :)


  1. Your blog posts usually knock my socks off, the pictures just drive those suckers right up the wall.

    Then I spend the night in bed with cold Toes ;-).


    :-) :-)


  2. WOW girl..awesome stats!! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!! Way to go!

  3. Whooo HOOOO it right ! Good for you girl!