Monday, October 9, 2006

Monday Update

Today's weigh in 179.1

Despite that number I did have a GREAT weekend. kept to my plan and even got some cardio in yesterday. This week is going to be a little challenging as our gym is undergoing construction and the bathrooms are out... That means we're going to have to use another gym and workout at night. However - rather then let this be a stressful situation I've desided it's going to work out great for me because I can go ahead and get up early in the morning and walk on the treadmill before work THEN get my weight training and Triathalon training done after work - more excercise minutes for me and more excercise means more losses - and we all like more/faster losses right!?

I do know that despite my weight sticking at 178 all last week I'm dropping inches - my size 12 pants are all starting to show a little gaping around the waist; a fact that leaves me surprised every time I notice it. I have no doubt that a consistant week this week will see some TERRIFIC results and so excited to see what changes are in store.

I'll keep you all updated - of course :)

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  1. Hmmm, there is a case in point though, that more exercise equals less losses.

    Main reason is, because you burn so many calories off, your body attempts to hold onto those calories, and you can also cause things like Crash Dieting, where you lose Muscle Mass as well as Fat, and if you end up getting erratic weight loss figures, you could affect your ability to lose weight in the future, because as you know weight loss isn't like physical ability, in that constant change may shock the body and facilitate more progress.

    Weight loss typically needs to be small controlled weight reductions.

    The methods could alter but not to the point where weight loss becomes too unstable, or that could lead to a hinderance of further losses

    I know you will achieve anything you want to, and I'm not rebuffing your thinking, or saying what I said will happen, if you think like you're doing, I'm just throwing something into the arena.

    I know you'll achieve anything you want to, and that's the most important thing Shawn, so keep working hard at it, and IT WILL happen.

    You are a truly amazing woman misses :-) :-).

    GOOD LUCK and very best wishes. I will as always wait to see what other fantastic things you report