Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Hey again!

(Told you I was on a roll)

Yesterday was another banner day... I did everything right and I'm feeling great about it!

Weight (Yesterday): 179.0
Water Consumed: 4L
Diet Pepsi: 32oz (I was 2 hours from home at 10PM last night - I figured having a diet pepsi was better then falling asleep and driving off the road)
Minutes Excercised: 95
Ex Min Remaining for Week: 670
Macro Ratio: 36% Carb / 48% Prot / 17% Fat

Workout was Chest and Calves..

Standing Calf Raises: 245 x 8 x 3
Seated Calf Raises: 145 x 8 x 3
Barbell Bench Press (plus bar): 90 x 6 x 3
Incline Dumbbell Bench: 45 x 6 x 3
Assisted Dips: 130 (assist) x 6 / 120 x 6 x 2

Good and sore today.. wow! The plan is to hit the gym tonight after work, do shoulders and swim - I'll update tomorrow on how that goes.

If feels good to have my head in the right place.

Two more things I wanted to add to my posts

Currently Listening to: Today Matters: 12 Daily Practices to Guarentee Tomorrow's Success
Currently Reading: Six-week Start-up

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  1. Keep up the hard work Shawn, and keep rolling. Though not so much you get dizzy ;-) ;-).