Tuesday, September 19, 2006


My 'travel blog' updates

More then you ever wanted to know about me


  1. That bites about the journey in the car.

    Flights here to / from America, were delayed or postponed for about 48-72 hours, but there were knock-on effects as well.

    This was of course surrounding the potential trans-atlantic plane bombing scare.

    Incidentally, not to detract from your post too much, but they have arrested about 24 people, and found video evidence of some of them planning the bombing actions.

    Most of them were all in their 20's, though they even arrested some kid who was about 16, who had been in possesion of blueprints and hateful anti-west material, though not directly invovled in the potential acts himself.

    So that should help to protect lives here and in America.

    Sorry to hear about the Sciatica, at least you didn't get DVT as well :-(.

    Do you think the Sciatica will subisde more, the more weight you lose?

    Anyway, have a great day, and hopefully you don't think my previous message was giving you a hard time, though you know me well enough by now anyway :-).

    Best wishes, and I just want to say again, CONGRATS on the marriage, and here's wishing a tonne of wonderful times together for you and Peter.

    You deserve this happiness, and he's married a real solid gold person, so all the best to you for the future.


  2. So great to see you again!

    Congrats on keeping the weight off and getting to the gym in spite of lack of motivation!

    I know what you mean about the way people react to you...I want people to notice immediately that I work out too...soon!

  3. Thanks for the pics ! Is there Wedding ones or could I just not find them in all the rest?
    Love the post about wanting to have people just think you have great gentics , that you work out & all ... I'm sooooo with ya :)
    & Strangly having troulbe with sciatica too...:( Grrrr NOT fun! Hope your subsides Hon :D

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