Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's time

Time to stick to a plan - to make a difference - to stop wishing things would change and CHANGE them.

And here's what I've done...

Through Peertrainer I found a place called StickK

At StickK you have the ability to create goals and attach leverage to them. Leverage - as in Money. So I created my goal and gave them my credit card. As of today - if I don't reach my weekly weight loss goal each week (it's modest don't worry) I have to pay $100!! and that money goes to a Charity that I don't personally/morally support.

So that part is done -- now to take the daily steps to make sure I hit those goals!

Tonight I'll take my beginning photos and measurements.

I've already done my exercise for the day - 30 minutes Run/Walk.

The cardio goals are easy right now - all part of my training for my triathlon.

Food -- well as always it's my biggest issue isn't it though?

Well first off I'm going through Dr Becks book again - I love her mental take on food.

As for a food plan...

A part of me says, pick an 'experts' plan and stick with it. But the other part of me wants to take a the best of all I've read and apply it. Since at some point I want to be able to go through this same process with clients (as a personal trainer and more) then I think I'll just have to make a go of my 'hybrid'.

1. Eat at least 4 meals a day 5 is ideal
2. Each Meal should be (close to) equal Protein and Carbs
3. Each Food item should be less then 30% Fat
(If greater then 30% Fat then entire meal should be less then 15% Carb - to allow for a meal of nuts)
4. Whole Foods should be eaten the majority (80%) of the time (Whole Wheat, Brown Rice, etc)
5. Eat at least 4 servings of vegetables (Lettuce is not a vegetable)
6. Eat at least 2 servings of fruit
7. Have one spurge meal per 7 days

At the moment I'm not going to count calories. I think what I'll do is see how I'm doing on Monday mornings - if I'm not on track then I'll probably see if a calorie restriction is in order.

Ok - too tired to think anymore. Will type more later.


  1. Maybe I should join stickK too - losing money will definitely be a big motivator.