Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank You - Serenity MedSpa

Serenity MedSpa has made a donation to my raffle:

10 - $100 gift certificates!

about Serenity Med Spa

What distinguishes Serenity MedSpa from other spas? In addition to luxuriously nourishing spa services, Serenity MedSpa also offers a full suite of cosmetic laser and dermatologic procedures that refine and reveal your ultimate natural beauty.

Drs. Lisa and David Kang, owners and operators of Serenity MedSpa, utilize their knowledge of the medical field to carefully select the latest and most innovative cosmetic lasers and dermatologic procedures.

Drs. Kang and Kang understand that the best applications of cosmetic laser and dermatologic procedures take your individual skin condition and facial or body structure into consideration. They take pride in personally performing medical spa procedures, and have turned their application of these technologies into a fine art to ensure you receive the highest quality results delivered with the utmost concern for safety and comfort.

Find your Serenity in the knowledge that you are placing your care in the skillful and soothing hands of experienced surgeons that customize treatment courses specific to your own unique needs.

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